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Lately, there has been a lot going on in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) world, and if you are huge fan of WWE, then you must already be aware about the news. If not, then let us tell you that one of the greatest performers of WWE, Paige is planning to quit the company! If you have been searching for terms such as, “did Paige quit WWE?”, “Paige leaves WWE,” “WWE rumors,” and “Paige quits WWE,” then you have come to the right place because we will tell you everything that you should know about the flying rumor.

According to Front Row Brian, Paige has decided to quit the WWE and has hired legal representation to smooth out any issues. Front Row Brian posted the following tweets on their Twitter account (Note that most of the information revealed by him was correct, we just have to wait and see whether this information is accurate or it is just a rumor!)

Paige Quit WWE


paige leaves wwe

Other than watching the wrestling match, another past time of viewers is to speculate on the rumors surrounding the pro wrestlers. The WWE rumor for today is that apparently, Paige quits WWE. She has hired legal representation to assist her in cancelling her contract with WWE.

At present, Paige is serving a 30-day suspension due to a “violation of wellness policy” and now there are rumors that Paige is leaving the WWE. Many are speculating that this might just be a rumor, because if you check out Paige’s WWE Instagram account, nothing about this news has been mentioned.

Why Did Paige Quit WWE?

The company is not really happy with her relationship with another suspended star, Alberto Del Rio. Even Alberto is on suspension, however, the twist here is that he won’t be coming back to the company, because his contract is over soon.

According to sources, Paige was literally harassed backstage over her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. It was reported last week that WWE’s Mark Carrano threatened Paige, saying that the company would fire her unless she broke up with Alberto. The company tried their best to split-up the two love birds, and this is one of the reasons for their split during the 2016 draft. Paige was allocated to RAW and Alberto to SmackDown.

Another reason why Paige may be leaving the company is because her beau, Alberto. Apparently, he is planning to leave the company in the fall, because of a clause in his contract, which allows him to leave now if he wants to. So, maybe Paige wants to work with him? However, it is not at all easy for Paige to leave WWE, even if she wants to because her contract says that she is supposed to work with the WWE until 2019.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said, “They’re probably trying to maneuver to where she can be released and she can work elsewhere, because she is under contract for a long time, and WWE obviously would probably not want her working the entire term of the contract.”

“And if she is done with the company, well, I mean, that’s gonna be tough,” Meltzer further added, referencing Paige’s contract.

As mentioned earlier, it seems it is all just a rumor for now, so just take the news with a grain of salt. When sources contacted the World Wrestling Entertainment for their comments on the news, they flat-out declined that they ever asked Paige to end her relationship with her boyfriend, Alberto. Both the superstars are currently serving a 30-day suspension due to the violation of the company’s policy.

So did Paige quit WWE? Well, in order to find out we need to wait for her to announce her decision. For now, we can all just consider it a rumor.