Not only does it pay to date a sugar daddy, it literally pays to look like one, too. A man named Gary Tate has made a hefty sum impersonating one of the most popular celebrity sugar daddies, George Clooney, and he recently revealed that this part-time gig has brought him more than just TV appearances and nightclub openings. Tate admitted that a businessman once offered him the equivalent of about US$8,055.00 to sleep with his wife, as a gift for her 40th birthday. When Tate asked the man why he would want to do such a thing, he says the man told him: “We have an open relationship. She’s mad about Clooney, and I can’t get him so I’m asking you.”

Tate initially turned down the offer, so the businessman offered an additional $805.00 to the deal. Although Tate was tempted by the money and considered playing the famous sugar daddy for the man’s wife, he eventually decided that it “just felt so wrong,” and declined.

Tate has been impersonating Clooney since 1997 (when the actor first starred in the hit TV series ER) after winning a local newspaper’s celebrity look-alike competition, and, aside from having ladies swoon over him, he’s also enjoyed all-expense-paid trips and real celebrity treatment. “Since [1997], I’ve lost count of the red carpets I’ve walked down, the limos I’ve ridden in, and the many countries around the world I’ve visited,” said Tate—all because he looks like the celebrity sugar daddy.


What do you think: Would you have taken the businessman’s offer to sleep with his wife?


Dixon, H., “George Clooney lookalike ‘offered thousands to sleep with man’s wife,’” The Telegraph web site, November 17, 2013;

Photo Credit: s_bukley /

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