Woah Vicky holds a wad of cash in her hands sitting on the hood of a sports car. Credits: Instagram/imwoahvicky

Woah Vicky is back at it again! In a couple of Instagram posts, she claimed to have bought her second car, a gleaming white Rolls Royce, and has told others to take the bus. Her philosophy seems to be that money isn’t worth anything if you can’t flaunt it. Read on to find out what she has to say.

Mouthing off and flaunting your money seems to be the flavor of the season these days. And many people are doing it. But few do it better than Woah Vicky, who has posted several clips of herself and a brand-new Rolls Royce, which she claims she has just bought.

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Car Worth More than Human Lives

In the first Woah Vicky Instagram clip, she is holding bundles of money in her hand and standing in front of a gleaming Rolls Royce. She said that she was “richer than all you m****r f*****s out there” and she wasn’t “talking s**t.”

Woah Vicky claims that this is the second car she has bought with her own money. She even said that it was more valuable to her than other people’s lives!

Meanwhile, in the second clip, Woah Vicky is seen inside her car. She says that she is just 18 years old but has already bought a Rolls Royce whereas other people (she refers to them as b*****s) have to take the bus.

Who’s This Girl?

After watching the social media clips she regularly posts online, many people are wondering who this young girl is and where does she get her supposed money from.

Woah Vicky’s real name is Victoria Waldrip, and she is all of 18 years old.


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Although she is better known as Woah Vicky, she is also called Icky Vicky by her fans. She has become a famous Instagram celebrity in short time and often posts videos of herself rapping, sporting dreadlocks, and even claiming that she is part black.

Claims of Being Cash Rich

According to sources, Woah Vicky’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $800,000, but this cannot be confirmed. She is known to flaunt her money and has said that she lives in a big luxurious house while others have to live in adverse conditions.

While it is not clear if the Instagram sensation really has big money, she does have a big mouth. And boy does she let it run!

To watch Woah Vicky and her alleged new Rolls Royce, just click on the links below:


Woah Vicky's Rolls Royce hits the roads!!

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Woah Vicky's in her Rolls Royce Part 2

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