Larry Busacca/ Staff/ Getty

It probably goes without saying that having one famous parent, let alone two, makes things a little different, if not more stressful. It’s almost like there’s an unspoken pressure to become famous as well, taking up your parents’ acting or music career and showing the same level of talent they do. But it seems that Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, may have found a new calling, separate from that of her parents!

While Willow Smith has proven somewhat successful in the worlds of acting and singing, as both her parents have, the young star has now shown a new talent outside either field, namely the world of fashion. The image of her latest work was posted on Instagram: a skin-tight black corset body suit complete with a plaid skirt that’s two different shades of blue and a pearl necklace to complete the ensemble. While we can’t see the head of the person wearing it, it’s likely Willow Smith herself.

“<MadeByWillow>// Hand drafted and sewn in #mysteryschool – I love flipping things around that used to make my people/gender suffer and turn it into something comfortable and that I am proud of [sic],” Smith wrote, “Mystery School” being the name of an initiative started by her and her brother, Jaden Smith, that involves learning modern wisdom and, well, it’s very likely more her brother’s idea than hers. Unfortunately, she didn’t elaborate on the people (likely race) and gender element of her creation; however, she did share a second post, this time showing the back of the outfit.

Regardless, the clothes were well-received, with almost 30,000 likes between the two photos and comments such as, “She is way beyond her years it is incredible [sic],” and, “Willow it looks amazing — very precise!! Great work!!! [sic]” While the acting and singing have already worked out for her, Willow Smith can probably start adding fashionista to her list of accomplishments!