William Weld is an American lawyer, businessman and politician, who is Gary Johnson’s pick as the nominee for the post of Vice President of the United States. Weld is also the member of the Libertarian Party, sharing the ticket with Johnson in the 2016 election. Just like Johnson, Weld wasn’t always a member of the Libertarian Party. Weld is a bit unknown to the majority of the American voters, though he is well known in the state of Massachusetts. Check out the William Weld wiki page on the net. People are curious about William Weld’s net worth. However, there isn’t any information available on his net worth.

An Aristocratic Background

Weld was born in Smithtown, New York to his mother Mary and his father David, who was an investment banker. Weld comes from a rich, aristocratic family and is often teased about it. To his credit, Weld handles awkward questions with an intelligent sense of humor. Weld studied at Middlesex school before joining Harvard University, where he studied the classics and was at the top of his class. Weld then studied economics at Oxford and then earned a PhD from Harvard Law School in 1970. Several family members of Weld have studied at Harvard and made fortunes.

The Crime Fighter

Weld began his career as a legal counsel with the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate scandal. Ronald Reagan appointed Weld as the United States Attorney for the state of Massachusetts in 1981. Weld did a terrific job and prosecuted many corrupt politicians and officials during his tenure. He also unraveled many financial scams. Weld gained fame all across America for his tough action on corruption. He spent some time in the Justice Department as well, where he did a stellar job bringing criminals to justice. At this time Weld was a member of the Republican Party. Soon he felt pulled towards entering active politics himself.


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Business Loves Weld

In 1990, Weld was elected to the post of Governor of Massachusetts on a Republican ticket. From the beginning, Weld created a very business friendly environment in his state. Business leaders reacted positively and Massachusetts enjoyed a terrific run during the 1990s, as unemployment rates came down. Weld’s leadership was ranked very highly by CEOs of multiple business organizations. He continued his career in law, alongside his political career. Weld was a partner in the prestigious law firm, McDermott, Will & Every, and later joined a private equity firm.

Culturally Liberal

In July 2006, Weld got the nomination from the Libertarian Party to run for the post of Governor of New York. In 2016, Weld was endorsed by Gary Johnson to be his running mate and to be the candidate for Vice President for the United States. Weld and Johnson have a broad agreement on the issues that America faces today. With an impeccable record for honesty and being strong on the anti-crime front, Weld is liked by people across party lines. Weld is culturally liberal and supports same-sex marriages. Unlike Johnson, Weld is much more knowledgeable about foreign relations. Not many people know this but Weld is a published author, as well. He has written thrillers and works of historical fiction.

Family Matters

Weld has been married twice. His first wife, Susan Roosevelt was a professor at Harvard University, specializing in ancient Chinese civilization and law. They have five children. In 2002, Weld and Susan got divorced. Weld then remarried and his second wife, Leslie Marshall is a writer and novelist. Weld is man of great knowledge and experience. Even though the chances of Johnson winning his presidential bid are slim, Weld will make people think about the issues that are at the forefront of this 2016 election. In the end it’s the American people who will decide his fate.



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