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Veteran actor William Shatner celebrates his 85th birthday today and yesterday he tweeted about how he couldn’t wait to get old. The day before his birthday, William Shatner tweeted, “I’m 85 tomorrow! I don’t wait well [sic],” joking about how he does not want to wait even a day to turn 85.

Shatner’s tweet was re-tweeted by Outllander TV show’s Twitter handle, where the show tagged him by saying how their lead actor Sam Heughan is the one “who believes in the saying, Good things come to those who wait, & wait…[sic].”

Shatner’s tweet from yesterday reminded his followers of his 85th birthday, which he will celebrate later on today (March 22). William Shatner’s birthday will also be a celebration for his generations of fans and followers who’ve seen the Canadian actor evolve brilliantly in his performances. Most of us young folks know William Shatner as Denny Crane from hit television series Boston Legal. However, William Shatner is a galaxy apart from being just a TV actor.

William Shatner Birthday

Credits: Facebook/William Shatner

For those who don’t know, Shatner is best known for portraying a legendary character for the very first time. William Shatner was the very first actor to play Captain James T. Kirk in the Start Trek franchise. He played Captain Kirk on the hit TV show as well as in all the original  Star Trek movies from the ’80s, which include Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Star Trek III (1984), Star Trek IV (1986), Star Trek V (1989), and Star Trek VI (1991). Shatner shared a great friendship with his Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy who played the role of Spock.


Now, that’s one hell of an acing job for any Hollywood movie star. William Shatner holds another legacy: he’s responsible for giving us the word ”shatnerize.” It’s inspired by the actor’s superb performances over the years and means to purposely make something so bad that it turns out good.

William Shatner 85th birthday

Credits: Facebook/William Shatner

With that being said, William Shatner has basically shatnerized over 20 movies and about 30 television shows, along with a few video games. But, he’s best known as Star Trek’s James T. Kirk and Denny Crane on Boston Legal and its spin-offs. So, here’s wishing William Shatner a happy 85th birthday by blessing him with words from late actor and Shatner’s dear friend Leonard “Spock” Nimoy: may he “live Long and Prosper.”

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