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If you missed last night’s Game 6 of the NBA Playoff Finals then we have you covered. First off, you missed quite a game, and we feel bad for you because it was a memorable moment for Stephen Curry and the future of the Golden State Warriors as a whole. There were mixed feelings about the game, but ultimately Cleveland Cavaliers fans were the only ones pleased with the outcome of the game. But is Stephen Curry suspended?

Will Stephen Curry be allowed to play in Game 7 of the NBA Finals? That’s the burning question all NBA fans want to know after Curry’s “inappropriate” behavior near the end of Game 6 last night. The moment that resonates with everyone during Game 6 was when Stephen Curry throws his mouthpiece and accidentally hit the fan sitting courtside. This action was one of the reasons “Stephen Curry suspended” is trending on social media this morning. So, don’t go anywhere, because we have a lot of ground to cover from Game 6 and what it means for Game 7.

As fans already know, the Cavaliers won Game 6, which tied them with a box score of 3-3 against the Warriors. The game was especially difficult for two-time MVP, Curry, who was ejected near the end of the game for throwing his mouthpiece after a series of fouls were called on him and for fighting with a referee after the last foul. It was a bad night for Curry to say the least, but it doesn’t end there.

“I’ve never been ejected before. It was a weird feeling,” Curry said in an Associated Press interview. “It was just frustration and kind of hilarious the way that the last two fouls and me blowing up kind of unfolded, some of the things that were said out there.”


After the mouthpiece was thrown, it accidentally hit a fan who was sitting courtside. But don’t worry: Curry immediately apologized despite his anger that night. And believe us when we say most athletes aren’t always that courteous in the heat of the moment. Cavalier fans began to jeer and enjoy Curry’s ejection, as he makes his exit off the court.

But Stephen wasn’t the only member of the Curry family who had a less-than-amazing night. Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, was late getting into the arena due to the slow driving of the buss that was carrying her to the game.

“I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money … Or ratings in not sure which [sic],” Ayesha Curry tweeted just before the final buzzer. She deleted the tweet a few minutes later and after around 80,000 retweets. “I won’t be silent. Just saw it live sry. [sic]”

There have been fans and analysts who share Ayesha’s thoughts and anger. There were several questionable fouls that were attributed to Curry, and the last foul’s “ridiculous” call quite possibly took away a winning score for the Warriors. It’s also likely that the games are being dragged out to increase revenue and gain more publicity. Could Ayesha be right?

But if Cavalier fans are hoping for Curry to be suspended for Game 7, then they’re out of luck. It’s highly likely that he will only receive a hefty fine but will still be allowed to play as there is precedence for such an incident.


Game 7 will take place at the Oracle Arena in Oakland at 8:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, June 19. And you can bet that Stephen Curry will be there, too.


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