Credit: Facebook/PriyankaChopra

The White House, of course, has its own share of celebrities, namely the president of the United States and arguably the leader of the free world. However, many stars of film, television, and more are also there on a regular basis, especially during the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. And this year, in addition to Hollywood’s finest, we can say Bollywood’s finest may be there as well! Bradley Cooper and Priyanka Chopra are invited to the White House this year, and they’re just two of a plethora of stars were invited there this year, but will they attend the dinner or turn down the offer?

Scheduled for Saturday, April 30, the annual White House Correspondents Dinner will see President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama spend time and converse with guests. This year is the last for them in the White House as President Obama hits the two-term limit. The dinner tradition began in 1920 and, as per tradition, is usually held on the last Saturday in April. Only men had been invited until 1962, and the Dinner has had a comedian as the featured speaker (who is usually expected to roast the president) since 1983; this year’s speaker will be Larry Wilmore.

Besides Bradley Cooper and Priyanka Chopra, celebrity guests include Jane Fonda, Lucy Liu, and Gladys Knight. Of course, that’s assuming they go at all; The Times of India has reported that Chopra has yet to confirm or deny whether she will attend the event as she is busy filming her hit series Quantico, on which she plays main character Alex Parrish. She’s also busy shooting scenes for the film adaptation of the popular late ’80s-early ’90s action drama Baywatch. Still, we’d have a pretty hard time believing that the hit actress and pride of India would turn down a chance to represent her people in a face-to-face meeting with President Obama. What do you think?