The first episode proving to be a success both critically and ratings-wise, all eyes are on Outsiders episode 2, Doomsayer, to prove that the success of its premiere was well-deserved. Can it stay at the top of the mountain?

For those who missed the premiere, Outsiders is about the Farrell family, who live in an isolated portion of the Appalachia Mountains and will do anything they can to keep other people out. This willingness becomes important when a coal company decides the land is to be theirs and enlist the local sheriff to have the Farrells evicted. This attempted removal coincides with the return of the family’s black sheep, Asa, who leads his clan in the defense of their land.

The premiere shared more with viewers than the above synopsis. For instance, it detailed why Asa would be given a leadership role despite the rest of the family’s stance on him; it’s because living in civilization for 10 years has not only made him the most educated (to put this in perspective, his being literate is a big deal), but also the only Farrell who could have any insight into the coal company’s behavior. It also helps that Asa’s reasons for returning were to validate his family’s views—that the outside world really is as bad as they believe.


While no preview has been released (you can watch the full-length trailer for the show below), expectations are high for Outsiders episode 2, as the premiere proved itself a huge hit, scoring the highest ratings WGN America has ever had with 5.5 million watching the premiere and any encore performances that aired during the show’s first week. Matt Cherniss, president and general manager of WGN America, shared his thanks, saying, “We felt that Outsiders was exceptional, but there is no greater validation than this kind of viewer response.”

Outsiders episode 2, Doomsayer, airs tonight (Tuesday, February 2) at 9:00 p.m. EST on WGN America, with encore airings every hour till midnight. Alternatively, you can watch it online via the WGN America’s web site streaming service.

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