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Justin Timberlake took a selfie in a voting booth in Memphis, Tennessee while voting early. The problem is, it’s illegal in to do so in the state of Tennessee and he could possibly go to jail for it!

Justin Timberlake has landed himself in trouble for taking a selfie! Now, taking a selfie isn’t a crime, but it was where he took it that was the problem. The pop sensation and Trolls’ star took a selfie in a voting booth during early voting in Memphis Tennessee, not knowing that it is illegal to take photographs in polling locations in Tennessee (as of 2015). Justin Timberlake could serve up to 30 days in prison for taking that one photograph! Will Justin Timberlake go to jail? Read and find out.

Timberlake traveled from Los Angeles to his hometown of Memphis to cast an early vote, before the November 8 election day. Apparently, he was so happy about exercising his voting rights that he documented it with a selfie and Instagram post! There was no suspicious activity and his intention was to encourage people to vote. Timberlake also spared a few moments outside the polling booth to take selfies with fans.

What he didn’t know was that taking photographs in polling locations is against the law in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee is one of 16 states where photography in the polling locations is banned, so Timberlake could be facing a $50 dollar fine and even a 30-day jail sentence! The state’s authorities were informed of the possible misdemeanor in the polling location, and Timberlake has since deleted the Instagram post.


According to the Shelby County DA’s office, his case was under review but they decided not to go through with pressing charges. DA Amy Weirich said she’s out of town and won’t be investigating the matter. “No one in our office is currently investigating this matter nor will we be using our limited resources to do so,” she said.

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It’s highly unlikely that the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” singer could be jailed. The law is barely a year old and no one has been prosecuted for it so far. Besides, Timberlake had no intentions of committing voter fraud. The authorities let the singer go with a warning to him and all other voters regarding photography in a voting booth.

Timberlake has taken the incident in stride. He stopped by The Tonight Show on October 26 to speak about his new flick, Trolls. Of course, host Jimmy Fallon brought up the voting selfie scandal. Timberlake hilariously addressed it saying his voting was quiet and “under the radar.” Nevertheless, he’s in the spirit of the “Rock the Vote” movement, that encourages youth to actively participate in the political process. “Get out and vote, but, uh, don’t take a picture of yourself in there!” he said on the show.

Of course, this incident has led to some jokes on Twitter. Fans have taken to issuing their own hilarious versions of warning about voter fraud and it’s all in good faith.

To Timberlake’s good fortune, the Shelby County authorities won’t be prosecuting him. He has learned his lesson and still appeals everyone to vote. Learn from JT’s mistake, and look up the state laws on elections! In the least, be careful when and where is it appropriate to take a selfie.


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