Marvel’s first movie release for this year is right around the corner and it’s already getting die-hard comic fans excited. The superhero flick Deadpool is set to release on Friday, February 12 and it’s raking in a lot of viewers’ appeal before it even comes out. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, a guy who gets turned into a superhero mutant with a weird sense of humor. The film is likely to be one of the funniest of the Marvel superhero series, which is one of the things that’s really exciting fans, including Wil Wheaton!

The actor, writer, and self-proclaimed comic fan (whom you may recognize from The Big Bang Theory) recently tweeted about the movie, writing, “Last time I was as excited for a superhero movie like I am for #Deadpool, it was Batman in 1989.” That’s a pretty bold statement to say that he hasn’t found any of the movies released after ‘89 to be exciting, but it definitely puts the pressure on Deadpool to deliver. So far the movie’s amazing trailers have obviously done a good job of piquing viewers’ curiosity.

Marvel movies are generally directed towards a universal audience, in that they usually appeal to both kids and adults. However, this one is expected to have more adult humor with bolder scenes as well. Ryan Reynolds plays former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson, who gets diagnosed with several tumors in his body. This leads him to the Recruiter (Jed Rees), who offers him a procedure that will rid him off these illnesses and make him much stronger, but only if he survives the procedure.

Dead Pool Movie

The trailers show Wade going through the mutation procedure and turning into a scary-looking, but awfully funny sword-wielding mutant called Deadpool. The movie will also introduce mutants like Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), a mutant who can transform his entire body into steel.


Watch all the exciting trailers for this action-packed comedy and see for yourself why Wil Wheaton is so pumped up. Deadpool will release in theaters on February 12, so if you’re not “occupied” this Valentine’s Day, here’s the perfect alternative. Till then, Wil Wheaton and everyone else will have no option but to wait!

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