Your first answer for why younger women seek out older men is probably money and you’re not wrong—financial stability does have a lot to do with it. But there’s another big reason why so many younger women are looking for a sugar daddy.

A recent survey by a sugar daddy matchmaking web site found a direct correlation between the presence of a biological father growing up and a younger woman’s decision to take up the sugar baby lifestyle. From the 3,600 sugar babies polled, 62% of them grew up without a biological father in their life. Of those, 98% admit that they’re actively looking for an older man that will protect them, support them financially, and show them affection—all the characteristics of a positive father figure. More than half of these sugar babies admit that they would prefer a man who has at least 20 years on them.

It isn’t just absent fathers that influence the appeal of an older man—13% of the sugar babies surveyed said that they did have a biological father growing up but that he was inattentive because he struggled with a drug and/or alcohol addiction.


So while money may be important for sugar babies, having someone who can fill the void of an absent father can be just as much of a driving force.


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