It’s no surprise that Charlie Sheen has it in for his ex-wife Denise Richards—the two have been going at it for the past few months, and now their two young kids are getting caught in the crossfire.

Sheen, 48, has reportedly been skimping out on his child support payments to Richards. He’s supposed to be forking over $55,000 a month, but Sheen only paid half that amount in January and nothing for February and March. He’s supposedly planning on taking his ex-wife to court in an effort to drastically have the amount of monthly payments cut. On a side note, he also wants to evict his ex-wife from the home he bought for her and their kids a couple years back.

According to insiders, Charlie Sheen isn’t handing over the money because his hot new sugar baby-turned-fiancée, 24-year-old Brett Rossi, is telling him not to. “Brett has taken control of Charlie’s finances and she thinks he wastes huge amounts of money,” revealed an insider, who claims that Sheen agrees with his sugar baby about holding on to his child support money, because in his opinion, his ex-wife doesn’t allow him to see their kids anyways.


“Charlie’s not someone to usually be bossed around, but he’s so head over heels for Brett and respects her and knows that she just has his best interests at heart,” added the insider. Sheen’s sugar baby is supposedly keeping a close eye on every dollar that’s coming in and out in an effort to curb any wasteful spending—leaving more money for herself, perhaps?

It’s good that someone—albeit a young, former porn star—has been able to tame Charlie Sheen’s frivolous money habits, but if he really is withholding his child support payments, aren’t the kids the ones who will suffer?

What do you think: Is Charlie Sheen’s sugar baby turning him into a deadbeat dad, or should he be entitled to cut back on his child support payments?

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