Why There’s a Better Chance Your Older Man Will Cheat Before You Do


Many sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships are born out of an affair—that’s just the nature of this kind of relationship. Many sugar daddies are married, but choose to keep a younger woman on the side as their sugar baby. It’s not to say that married women don’t have affairs, but it’s always just been understood that men tend to cheat more. A group of researchers set out to uncover why that is, and the results of their two studies offered some interesting insights.

The findings suggested that men are more likely to have an affair with a partner who is “off limits” because they have greater “sexual impulse strength” than women, not because they don’t have self-control. In other words, it’s not that women are any better at resisting temptation; it’s just that it’s harder for men to control themselves because their sexual urge is inherently so much stronger than what women experience.

One of the studies suggested that a potential reason why men’s sexual impulses push them to cheat is that they spend more time focusing on physical attractiveness than women do—this would explain why older men are drawn to beautiful, younger sugar babies.

Whether you’re the mistress or the one he’s cheating on, you have to decide for yourself if blaming it on his biological needs is enough to justify an affair.


What do you think: Would you stay with your sugar daddy if you found out he cheated on you?


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