Earlier this week, The Weeknd shared a picture of himself surrounded by beautiful lingerie models (Victoria’s Secret models, to be exact). And now Mel B is following suit.

The former Spice Girl just posted a picture on her Instagram account of four very fit, shirtless men standing in a circle and her smiling coyly in the middle. Mel B very appropriately captioned the photo, “Had fun last night, topless boys hehehe [sic].”

So what was she doing surrounded by half-naked men? Just her job, apparently. Mel B spent the evening of November 12 hosting VH1’s Big Music in 2015: You Oughta Know, an annual festival-style musical event that highlights the biggest newcomers and artists of the year. In addition to doing a segment with the group of hunky men, Mel B also had the opportunity to share the stage with Salt-N-Peppa as they performed their classic rap anthem “Push It.”


Mel B shared a few other snippets from the big night, including a red carpet shot of the sexy sheer pantsuit she wore, a short video of her speaking on stage, and a final group shot with a few of the performers.

Had fun last night,topless boys hehehe

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The singer-turned-TV-host has been having quite the year so far. In addition to hosting this major event, Mel B is also a judge on the reality show America’s Got Talent, which starts its 11th season next spring. Furthermore, she’s been picked to host the U.K. version of Lip Sync Battle, a show where stars compete by lip syncing to popular tracks.


As if that wasn’t enough, Mel B has also said that the Spice Girls may be doing a reunion tour next year in honor of their 20th anniversary. “We’re going to have so much fun if everything works out—which hopefully it will—for next year,” she said in a recent interview with Billboard.

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