It was recently revealed that Mary-Kate Olsen reportedly wants to start trying for kids with her boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy, even though he’s 17 years older than she is. The celebrity couple, who have been dating since spring 2012, have also been rumored to be considering marriage, but an insider close to Sarkozy says that’s not happening any time soon because the millionaire banker is “wary” of entering a second marriage—he went through a messy divorce with his ex-wife, Charlotte Bernard, back in 2010. His decision to steer clear of marriage also has to do with the fact that, although Olsen is 27, she “comes across as a lot, lot younger.”

“She’s clearly very excited about the chance to get married to a very successful, well-educated man, but life isn’t always that simple,” said the insider. “He’s already got kids and is very happy with his status in life.” Sarkozy’s two kids from his first marriage are only 10 and 12. “Olivier has already been through a painful divorce and is simply happy to have a beautiful girlfriend whom he loves.”

Although marriage isn’t on Sarkozy’s mind right now, he’s already showed Olsen that he’s committed to their May-December relationship—the celebrity couple moved in together just three months into their relationship and have been going strong ever since.


Marriage and kids are often two of the biggest obstacles when you’re in a relationship with a big age difference, especially if the older man has already gone through it. That’s why it’s so important to have that conversation early on in your May-December relationship. Marriage isn’t always a prerequisite for a happy long-term relationship, but it will only work if you’re both on the same page about it.

What do you think: Would you stay in a relationship with someone knowing that they weren’t interested in marriage?


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