The Grammy Awards are undoubtedly the biggest night in music and for most stars, performing on the Grammy stage would be one of the highest honors. So it came as quite a shock when Lauryn Hill was a no-show for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards last night (February 15). Hill was reportedly supposed to share the stage with Grammy-winner The Weeknd for a surprise collaboration, but when she failed to turn up for final rehearsals, The Weeknd was forced to perform on his own (which worked out just as well for him). Despite the many rumors about why she flaked, the truth is actually that Lauryn Hill never confirmed her attendance at the 2016 Grammys in the first place.

According to Hill’s rep, the singer has been busy with several concerts this past weekend and wasn’t able to prepare for a performance at the 2016 Grammys. In fact, she wasn’t even sure she’d be able to make it for the event and blames the Grammys for announcing her performance without first waiting for confirmation. “Any performance that could have happened was never confirmed, and should not have been advertised as such,” read the statement.

However, Grammy bosses aren’t taking the fall for the mess-up either, because they claim that they were under the impression that she was coming, because she had showed up to prior rehearsals, adding that “none of [her] statement is accurate.”


Regardless of who’s at fault, it’s unfortunate that Lauryn Hill couldn’t take the Grammy stage, as it might’ve helped her break back into the mainstream music scene. Once a celebrated musician, Hill has been struggled to come back on top after serving a three-month prison sentence for tax evasion in 2013. She hasn’t released a studio album in almost 10 years, even tough it was rumored that she’d be dropping one in late 2013, and has often been criticized in the media for her erratic behavior, like showing up late for gigs.

On the other hand, Lauryn Hill may be doing just fine if she’s busy performing at other concerts. There are also the six well-received tracks that she recorded for the 2015 Nina Simone documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? One music reviewer praised Hill for her “breadth and dexterity” and commended the tracks for being the “most comprehensive set of studio recordings” since her 1998 album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Believe it or not, Lauryn Hill wasn’t the only star to cancel their 2016 Grammys performance at the last minute. Rihanna also had to pull the plug on her scheduled performance, but for a very different reason—she got bronchitis. Her rep confirmed that on orders from her doctor, Rihanna had to cancel her appearance after rehearsal to avoid “hemorrhaging her vocal cords.”

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