Stacy Keibler, 33, may be nursing the remnants of a broken heart after agreeing to finally break up with her famous older man, 52-year-old George Clooney. But she’ll be crying all the way to the bank because, while she may be cut off from her sugar daddy’s cash flow, she’ll still be making more than enough money just by having that connection to him. By dating Clooney, Keibler has significantly upped her celebrity appeal—after all, she’s the woman that was able to keep Hollywood’s infamous bachelor on lock for more than two years. We all know how it works in Tinseltown: the more celebrity appeal you have, the more people want you.

Since becoming the young, beautiful arm candy to this rich older man, Keibler—a former WWE wrestler—is estimated to have increased her earnings by up to $10.0 million, according to one celebrity expert. And even though the celebrity couple is no longer a couple, she’ll still be making money off of the relationship.

For starters, Keibler has just signed on to host a new reality show for the Lifetime network—an easy million dollars in her pocket. There’s a pretty good chance that she never would have even been offered the part had her name not been so well known from her relationship with Clooney.


Being a famous older man’s girlfriend has also led to other money-making opportunities for Keibler. Notable brands that are now approaching her for celebrity endorsements may deny that her appeal has anything to with Clooney, but again, her name wouldn’t be as big as it is today if it weren’t for her relationship with the famous sugar daddy. Fashion designers are not much different. A former wrestling star wouldn’t ordinarily be approached by big couture names like Marchesa and Alexander McQueen. But Keibler has worn them all, and they all came to her after she stepped out in public with Clooney.

It looks like it certainly pays to date a rich older man, even if he’s not in the picture anymore.

What do you think: Will Stacy Keibler be able to build a fruitful career in the spotlight out of her relationship with George Clooney, or will she fade into the background when the hype eventually dies down?

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