Why Is PokéAdvisor Down? Is it Blocked? Here Are Some PokéAdvisor Alternatives

Why Is PokéAdvisor Down
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If you want to be the very best like no one ever was in Pokémon Go, you’ve likely been keeping careful track of your Pokémon’s stats as you catch and train them, and to do that has possibly involved the Pokémon Go IV calculator and stat tracker, PokéAdvisor. Or rather, your efforts did involve the site, as many trainers woke up this morning to find PokéAdvisor blocked and unable to be used. Is PokéAdvisor down for good, or is this another hiccup akin to the ones the app itself has experienced? Here’s some info on the potential PokéAdvisor ban and PokéAdvisor alternatives should the site stay down.

PokéAdvisor Down?

PokéAdvisor is a site designed to assist Pokémon Go players with keeping track of their progress in the game. Its features include a full Pokédex, which is a full list of Pokémon in the game, as well as their type(s) and the number of candy needed to evolve; the ability to look up the stats of any other player who has an account on the site; and community leaderboards, so you can see where you stand against other people all around the world.

But perhaps PokéAdvisor bets and most popular feature is its Pokémon Go IV calculator. IVs (short for “individual values”) are a gameplay aspect borrowed from the “mainline” Pokémon games. IVs determine a Pokémon’s stats, including growth and what they will max out at, and vary from Pokémon to Pokémon—even those of the same species—with the numbers being set in stone upon acquisition, be it by capture, hatching or otherwise. What’s most interesting about IVs, in both “main” Pokémon games and Pokémon Go, is that there is no in-game way to view these numbers and the mere existence of IVs is only alluded to at best. One of the main game designers says this is because he prefers to think of Pokémon as living things and you obviously don’t know a living thing’s potential upon birth.

PokéAdvisor Blocked?

However, this is all moot with PokéAdvisor not working as of this writing; the site is still up and can be browsed, but the important features, including the Pokémon Go IV calculator, are not functioning. The site’s creator, who goes by the handle of “lax20attack,” posted on the site’s subreddit saying that Pokémon Go’s servers, which are run by developer Niantic, have stopped responding to PokéAdvisor’s, making info acquisition impossible. They added that while they are looking into a fix, there’s also the possibility that PokéAdvisor’s down for good.


If so, the PokéAdvisor ban shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Earlier this month, Niantic took steps to block Pokémon Go tracking sites that made locating specific Pokémon easier—which was done alongside the elimination of in-game tracking as well—making locating Pokémon an act that now requires a lot of luck. The reason given for shutting out tracking sites by Niantic, as part of their response to fans expressing their unhappiness, was that third-party sites had too much of an impact on their ability to manage the game; so much so, that they claim letting those sites continue to access the app would make Pokémon Go’s release in Latin America impossible.

PokéAdvisor Alternatives

While their days may very well be numbered, PokéAdvisor alternatives exist that can perform similar functions. PokéAssistant continues to work, as it appears to require the user to put in the needed information as opposed to taking it directly from Niantic’s servers. Though there is a slight margin of error, many a trainer has used the site in the past when PokéAdvisor was not working. There also exist a couple mobile apps, such as GoStats and this IV calculator, which have been well-received, even before the PokéAdvisor ban.

And if you need more information on which Pokémon Go-related sites have been taken down as of this writing, we can provide some details here.




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