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You must be wondering why is everybody is calling Michael Phelps “GOAT?” We will tell you why. The term, GOAT, is actually referring to G.O.A.T. and it stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time.’ Phelps has won a total of 26 medals at the multiple Olympics events he has participated in. Can you believe it? It’s true! Now you know why is Michael Phelps called the GOAT. Michael Phelps’ GOAT meaning is proof that he is now considered the greatest swimmer of all time. How does he do it? Many have noticed him sitting silently before races with his headphones on, likely getting into the zone. People are asking, “What does Michael Phelps listen to before his race?” Don’t worry, we will reveal all.

An Appetite for Gold

Phelps has now won an unbelievable 26 medals at the Olympics. This includes 22 gold medals, which is the highest by any athlete in the history of the Olympics. He also has 13 individual gold medals at the Olympics, which is also the highest ever. He also holds the record for winning the maximum number of gold medals at a single Olympics. Phelps won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and by doing so, he beat the previous record of seven gold medals won by American swimmer, Mark Spitz. But it’s not just about the number of medals he has won. It’s the fact that he has won them over such a long time span. Believe it or not, he started out 16 years ago at the 2000 Olympics!

A Passion for Swimming

Phelps is such a tremendous swimmer because swimming is his life. When his father left Phelps’ mother and children, Phelps was devastated. He was just nine years old. He took up swimming at the age of seven for a couple of reasons. His sisters used to swim so Phelps wanted to, as well, which is often the case of most siblings. It was also an outlet for him to utilize all his energy in a positive way. When he was 11 years old, Phelps was diagnosed with ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ [ADHD]. Phelps put all his passion into performing his best in swimming. When he met his future coach, Bob Bowman, Phelps at last got the fatherly affection he craved for.

Loving his Music

Now, it seems everyone is interested in the details of Phelps life. His fiancee, his son and his family are now all under the spotlight as Phelps is being hailed as the greatest athlete of all time. People are also wondering, “what does Michael Phelps listen to before his races?” Apparently, some of his favorite artists are Eminem, Eric Church and Young Jeezy. But his entire playlist is not known as Phelps does not like revealing too much about his personal life.

Mr. Moneybags

People are also wondering, “How much does Michael Phelps make in a year?” Phelps makes around $14.0 million a year thanks to his race wins and endorsement deals. Phelps endorses some really big brands like Louis Vuitton, Under Armour, Visa, Omega, Hilton, Subway and HP. He’s been doing this for a while, so Phelps has some serious money accumulated. Phelps’ net worth is around $55.0 million, with which he has bought a beautiful house in Arizona, where he lives with his fiancee, Nicole Johnson and new baby boy, Boomer.

Building a Better Future

While everybody is simply dazzled by his achievements, Phelps is busy thinking ahead. He has started the Michael Phelps Foundation that trains and teaches swimming to underprivileged kids. Just like Phelps found direction and purpose in life from swimming, the hope is that other kids will do the same. Phelps is a champion, not just for winning so many medals, but for giving back to society.

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