The idea of living together before marriage has always been a hot topic. A lot of sugar babies, even some of the real-life women who share their stories on, have lived with their sugar daddy before marriage was ever part of the discussion. It’s definitely a growing trend; in fact, two thirds of people will live together before walking down the aisle.

There seems to be this conception that if you move in together before marriage, you’re more likely to get a divorce—there have even been studies showing the link between premarital cohabitation and divorce. But new research is proving otherwise.

A new report published in the Journal of Marriage and Family explains that there actually is no difference in the divorce rates between couples who live together before marriage and those who wait till after marriage to move in together.


The sociologist behind the research studied national surveys from three separate years and gathered marriage, divorce, and cohabitation data on over 7,000 people. Upon studying the findings, they found no real link between moving in before marriage and the divorce rate. But they did find another factor that influences the likelihood of maintaining a long-term relationship. Cohabitation doesn’t lead to divorce; it’s when you move in together that’s really the deciding factor.

According to their findings, moving in after the age of 23 will increase your chances of a successful marriage afterwards; one economist even believes that every year after 23 that you wait for marriage, the less likely you are to get divorced. The idea is that when you move in with someone when you’re too young, you’re not mature enough and don’t have enough experience to choose an adequate, compatible life partner. That’s why the longer you wait, the more equipped you’ll be to pick a partner that will stick around for the long haul.

So, there you have it—moving in with your sugar daddy before marriage doesn’t necessarily mean you’re headed for a divorce, but you still don’t want to rush into anything. Before you start packing your bags, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Spend the time getting to know him and only take the next step when you’re sure that you’re happy in that relationship.

What do you think: Would you want to live with your significant other before marriage?



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