It takes a lot to get under the skin of estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Since he started his campaign, he’s been protested against, fights have broken out at his rallies, and his family has been threatened. But over the weekend, rumors popped up that have everyone asking the question, “Did Keith Richard really pull a knife on Donald Trump?”

Well, not really. The incident supposedly happened 27 years ago while rock band Rolling Stones were on their 1989 Steel Wheels tour. Trump was on of the investors of the tour even though members of the band were not particularly fond of him. As part of the agreement to Trump’s involvement, he had to promise on paper that he would not make any promotional appearances or come to any of the shows.   

Trump Doesn’t Follow Rules

According to Michael Cohl, the Stones’ tour manager at the time, Trump jumped into one the interviews. Cohl said he was able to get Trump off initially, but then said “five minutes later, he’s back up.”


Here is where the whole knife thing comes into play. Keith Richards was just about fed up with Trump apparently breaking his contractual obligations. In speaking with Cohl about Trump’s actions, Richards slammed a knife into the desk and said, “Do I have to go out there and fire [Trump] myself?”

In an ironic twist that foretells of Trump’s most popular future sayings, Cohl turns to Trump and said, “You’re fired.” Of course Trump became fanatical and started arguing and name-calling Cohl and the Stones. Luckily, security personnel from both sides were pretty much able to squash anything before it got too serious.

So, the exact answer to the question is no. But hearing a story of someone actually firing Donald was worth it!

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