David Hasselhoff, 61, first started dating Hayley Roberts in 2010 after he picked her up at a bar. Three years later, the celebrity couple is still holding it together, despite the fact that Roberts is almost half Hasselhoff’s age.

Roberts, however, admits that she’s turned down at least five or six marriage proposals from Hasselhoff because she didn’t feel like they were really genuine enough. And even if she did agree to get engaged, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she would walk down the aisle anytime soon. “If he really meant it, I probably would say yes. I’d get engaged as a sign that we’re committed to each other, but I don’t want to rush into marriage,” said Roberts. “We’ve got plenty of time, so if he does ask, I think we’d be engaged for a few years before we actually married.”

Although Roberts sort of sugarcoats it, her mother tells it like it is when it comes to why her daughter won’t marry the former Baywatch star, and it has a lot to do with their age difference. “She has told me that he keeps asking her and she says she likes him a lot, but she’s still quite young and that’s what the problem is,” her mother said back in 2011. Roberts’ mother also admits that, at first, it was hard for her to accept that her daughter was dating a much older man, but she eventually got used to the idea. “At first I found the age difference difficult. He’s older than me but when you see them together they just get on really well so I don’t worry much now.”


The 27-year age difference doesn’t seem to be a problem for Hasselhoff, although fortunately, he now seems to be on the same page about marriage and has a better idea of why they should wait. “I think the proposal will happen when we have a minute to take a breath. We’ve been going at 90 miles an hour since we met,” he told HELLO! magazine. “When I proposed before, we were just having fun with the romance of it all and having a laugh with the fans on Twitter.”

Marriage or not, the celebrity couple says they’re still perfectly content in their May-December relationship. “We’re very happy together and she’s really good for me,” said Hasselhoff.

What do you think: Should Hayley Roberts marry David Hasselhoff, or is she doing the smart thing by waiting it out?


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Photo Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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