Billy Miller Appears In General Hospital, Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

General Hospital fans probably haven’t missed Billy Miller’s announcement about leaving GH. Miller, who initially joined as Jason Morgan and then portrayed Drew Cain, said in a statement on Sunday, July 28 that he is exiting the ABC soap. So, where is he going next? Perhaps to his old stomping grounds in Genoa City? For all those eager to know Billy Miller’s possible plans for the future, we’ve got the answers.

Billy Miller Exits General Hospital

Billy Miller, born September 17, 1979, joined General Hospital in 2014 as Jason Morgan. The Jason Morgan character has been on the show since being introduced as a baby, portrayed throughout the years by several child artists and young actors.

In 2017, Steve Burton, who played Jason before Miller, returned to GH as Jason. So the writers quickly retconned Miller as Jason’s twin brother, Drew Cain. He has been portraying that character since.

On Sunday, Miller’s manager tweeted a statement on behalf of the actor announcing his departure from GH. It was reportedly Miller’s last day on the GH set.

So far, it’s not known how the writers plan to have Miller’s character exit from the show. Will he be killed off? Will he head off on some adventure? Or will someone else play Drew? We’ll know what happens to Drew Cain when his final episode airs sometime in mid-August.

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Is Miller Returning to The Young and the Restless?

Here’s a theory daytime fans will love. Speculation is rife that Billy Miller left GH to return to his role as Billy Abbott in Y&R.

Miller played John and Jill Abbott’s son in the CBS soap from 2008 to 2014, until Burgess Jenkins took over. Since 2016, Jason Thompson has been playing Billy Abbott.

Recent plot developments on Y&R have made fans speculate that the show is setting up Thompson’s departure as Billy. With the announcement of Miller leaving GH, it seems more likely to some fans that this conjecture may be coming true, driving hopeful anticipation that Miller could return to play Billy Abbott on Y&R.

ICYMI, a lot of familiar faces are returning to Y&R. Michelle Stafford returned as Phyllis Summers, and the Adam Newman character was revived again, currently played by Mark Grossman. The show has also been name-dropping Chance Chancellor for a while a now.

Adam is back from the dead, living a mysterious double life in Vegas. Chance is somehow behind it all, and Phyllis knows their secret.

This week so far, we’ve seen Billy Abbott (Thompson) take some sedatives that knocked him out. He somehow woke up at the Chancellor mansion with ominous writing on the wall telling him to “Stop Adam.”

This all sounds very mysterious to Y&R fans, prompting plenty of theories. While the tamer theories say that Miller might replace Thompson as Billy, a number of fans are speculating about a plot twist.

There’s speculation that Y&R might take a leaf out of GH’s playbook and cast Miller in a different role, while retaining Thompson as Billy. And there’s even a theory that Miller might play Chance Chancellor.

Though the show is building on Chance’s imminent return, there’s no news about the actor who will play him. If the guy sporting the face of “old Billy” face suddenly appears as Chance, this might be one of the biggest plot twist in the daytime soap world.

To be clear, this is all fan-made speculation and there’s no confirmation of any sort at this time.

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Billy Miller to Appear on Apple TV+ Original

We don’t know whether Billy Miller will star in another daytime show. But, if his current schedule is anything to go by, we do know he might be moving on to the primetime slot.

In March 2019, Apple TV+ announced several upcoming original series that were in the works. Among them was a crime thriller, Truth Be Told, starring Octavia Spencer and Lizzy Caplan.

Adapted from the crime novel, Are You Sleeping?, by Kathleen Barber, the series follows two women who try to get to the bottom of an unsolved murder when the case is reopened by a popular true-crime podcast.

Miller is cast as recurring character Alex Dunn, the husband of Caplan’s character. The series is reportedly in production, with the release date not yet known.

And who knows? Miller might not be saying goodbye to daytime TV. Maybe…just maybe…he might bring us that potential Y&R plot twist we’re anticipating.

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