Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Once again, Kanye West has made headlines for his Twitter rants and this time, the hotheaded rapper has picked a fight with prominent house music DJ, deadmau5. On Wednesday (March 2), a string of mocking tweets were posted by the explosive rap star as a reply to deadmau5 calling him out for being a hypocrite. While this is the latest addition to Kanye’s recent Twitter frenzy, some of these recent tweets are actually pretty funny. And if you think he’s the one who started this whole Kanye West-deadmau5 Twitter fight, that’s not exactly how it went down this time around.

It all started when Joel Thomas Zimmerman, a famous Canadian producer for progressive house music known by his stage name “deadmau5” (pronounced “deadmouse”), tweeted a taunt to Kanye West’s tweet from March 1. Kanye had shared a screenshot of his browser showing singer Sufjan Stevens’ audio on YouTube. However, additional tabs on the browser showed Kanye surfing on Pirate Bay, a popular torrent web site; he appeared to be using it to download a music software program called Serum.

That’s where the feud began. Deadmau5 replied to Kanye’s post, tweeting, “What the fuck @kanyewest … Can’t afford serum? Dick. [sic]” Then minutes later, deadmau5 started mocking Kanye’s financial crisis, referring to the rapper’s earlier tweets about having a $53 million personal debt. Deadmau5 tweeted about how Kanye needs a “small loan of 200$.” Of course, it wasn’t possible for Kanye to sit back and say nothing after reading deadmau5’s taunting tweets, shown below.

On Wednesday morning, Kanye tweeted a whole lot of jabs at the DJ and his characteristic “dead mouse” getup. Kanye’s rhetorical questions about deadmau5’s attire include who carries the “head” on the plane and if there’s a portable fan in it. The tweets below show how Kanye went berserk on deadmau5 and his characteristic look, and how he should don a Minnie Mouse head and come perform for his daughter, North West.

The whole Twitter fight led to deadmau5 trending on a lot of social media platforms with some people even pointing fingers at the DJ for acting childish compared to West, who’s apparently the mature one in this situation (although some might beg to differ). That being said, deadmau5 had no problem responding to these people. 

Here’s another interesting fact for those who don’t know: deadmau5 has actually been a featured artist on Tidal, a subscription-based music streaming service of which Kanye is a proud promoter and co-owner. In fact, the DJ had even shared a stage with Kanye during a Tidal promotion event back in 2015. This whole Twitter battle is likely to impact the relationship between these two artists, not to mention deadmau5’s future collaborations with Tidal.