JenniferLopezEvery relationship comes with challenges, but it seems like there are always a few extra kinks when older men date younger women. Older men often come with a whole other set of baggage, complete with past relationships, and possibly kids.

As a younger woman, it’s especially hard living in the shadows of another woman—it’s even harder when their older man’s ex-wife is an international superstar. Retail heiress Chloe Green, 22, learned this lesson the hard way. She began dating 44-year-old singer Marc Anthony—Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband—earlier this year; however, they called it quits because Green felt like she couldn’t compete with Lopez. Green understood that there was no getting rid of Lopez because she was the mother of Anthony’s twins. But Green felt like Anthony wasn’t quite ready to let go of his past life. “She’s convinced he’s still in love with [Lopez]. He has family photos all over the house, including near his bed. When Chloe asked him about it, he’d act awkwardly and get very defensive,” a source told Closer magazine.

Becoming a stepmother at 22 was also an issue for Green, who quickly realized that adding kids to the equation would make it next to impossible to sustain a solid relationship with an older man.


This isn’t Anthony’s first failed relationship with a younger woman. Before Green, he dated 26-year-old model Shannon de Lima—they broke up after spending over a year together. Although the decision was said to be mutual and amicable, the news of their split came just a couple days after Anthony was spotted at a hotel with Lopez.


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