Who Won Italy vs. Spain Match in Euro 2016?

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If you need a break from your Monday, then we have just the thing for you! As you already know it was Italy vs. Spain today and fans who may have had the misfortune of missing the game will be searching online for terms such as: “Italy vs. Spain stats,” and “Italy vs. Spain Euro 2016.” Luckily for you we have all the details and information you need including Italy vs. Spain highlights and how to get the Italy vs. Spain live score updates. Who won Italy vs. Spain match? Spoiler alert—it was Italy and we will tell you how.

The Italy vs. Spain scores may have been 0-0 in the beginning but they didn’t stay that way for long. Italy managed to nullify Spain, changing the score to 2-0, making an obvious and well-deserved victory for Italy.

The Italy vs. Spain results weren’t surprising but fans can’t help but feel shocked at how things turned out today. The game took place at the Stade de France and after the amazing win, fans wasted no time in sending their praises to Italy’s team manager, Antonio Conte, for all his hard work on fixing the team and prepping them for today.

The team are now in the quarter-finals and it’s partly a huge thanks to Giorgio Chiellini who delivered a left footed shot to the bottom right corner from close range and was assisted by Emanuele Giacchermi. The second goal was delivered by Graziano Pelle who made a right footed shot to the center from close range.

Italy has successfully shown the world that they are a force of nature and have only increased their chances.

Are you surprised by the results?



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