Tonight’s finale results (September 14) were incredible and fans were excited to finally hear the America’s Got Talent results. People are asking, “Who won America’s Got Talent 2016?” We’ll give you a clue! She’s small, has a unique voice, and writes her own music! Who won AGT 2016? Grace VanderWaal is AGT’s 2016 winner! The America’s Got Talent season 11 winner really deserved her spot. She showed exceptional originality, skill, and creativity, and she has been a pleasure to watch for the judges, and all of America, from the very start! To celebrate her exceptional win, here are some great highlights about the 12-year-old AGT winner of 2016.

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From “Clay” to Gold

The ukulele-playing, singing sensation stole the show during last night’s performance, while singing yet another one of her original songs, “Clay.” In the opening video montage that introduced her performance, many fans covered her song, “I Don’t Know My Name.” It was a truly beautiful way to show what a huge impact VanderWaal is having on the world! For someone so young, it’s so exciting to see her take the top spot!


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The New Cover Girl

VanderWaal has come a long way in her music career, thanks to her raw talent and AGT. She began singing covers on YouTube, and now she is the subject of fan cover songs herself! What a turn around! During the show, VanderWaal wrote her own music. She sang original songs like, “I Don’t Know My Name,” “Beautiful Thing,” “Light the Sky,” and “Clay.” She’s definitely on her way to making a hit record! VanderWaal has no shortage of ideas (or fresh new songs), and we expect great things from her in the weeks ahead.

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A Bright Future

What would you do with $1 million if you were 12 years old? That’s the question for VanderWaal to figure out, now that she is the winner of the America’s Got Talent 2016 final. With $1 million dollars, and earnings from a Las Vegas show, the bright young singer is certainly on a path to success and fame! Who knows what the future holds for little miss VanderWaal? We are just so happy to see she’s won!


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