Who Will Win the Second Presidential Debate: Trump or Hillary?

Who Will Win the Second Presidential Debate
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going to clash in the second presidential debate on Sunday. Everyone’s anxiously waiting to know if Clinton will take this round or will Trump take us by surprise. If you’re looking for updates on the presidential debate, you’re in luck! We have the latest information on the Trump vs Clinton debate predictions from presidential election polls.

After the First Round

According to a majority of the election polls and political analysts, Hillary Clinton claimed victory in the first presidential debate. Many noticed that Trump was just not prepared enough, probably hoping his spontaneity will give him a notch above the Secretary of State with years of public service experience. Clinton brought up his refusal to reveal his tax records and his controversial remarks against people of color and women. In some cases, Trump was able to put Clinton on the defense but he couldn’t make a strong point because she had more data on his side. Trump started the debate strongly, but couldn’t keep the momentum. In the larger public opinion, many citizens voiced their dissatisfaction with both candidates. Hence, voters can swing anyway before the November 8 elections. Since the first round, Clinton has gained a steady lead in the polls, though Trump would contest that. According to realclearpolitics.com. Hillary Clinton has taken the lead in several key election states. If she can maintain her lead after the second presidential debate, she could win the election.

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After the Vice-Presidential Debate

Trump and Clinton’s running mates, Mike Pence and Time Kaine respectively, faced off on Tuesday and according to experts, the candidates for second-in-command handled themselves in a dignified manner. They exchanged barbs about Trump and Clinton but both showed some key leadership skills by defending the Democratic and Republican policies. Most analysts named Pence of the Republican party, the winner of the debate. While Kaine brought up Trump’s conduct during the campaign, Pence attacked Clinton’s performance during her term as Secretary of State. Pence was more calm and reassuring while he countered statements intelligently. In a way, his demeanor served as a diversion from Trump’s runaway mouth. However, analysts claim that Pence’s victory is negligible in the big picture. He can’t give the Republican party a lead unless Donald Trump turns it around.

Second Presidential Debate

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Second Round Predictions

So far, Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls since the first presidential debate. Her lead depends on whether she can recreate her first debate performance in the second round. Trump too, can turn the tables on her provided he takes a page out of Mike Pence’s book. He needs to be calmer like Pence was. The candidates will have to answer questions suggested by voters. Hence, Trump needs to be less erratic and Clinton needs to be less defensive. Trump’s victory lies in not fueling tabloid-like controversies—especially not countering Clinton with exclamations like “wrong” while she speaks and have strong counterattacks instead.

The second presidential debate takes place on Sunday, October 9 at Washington University in St Louis. The 90-minute town meeting will begin at 9:00 p.m. EST and will be broadcasted live by all major networks.




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