Keke Wyatt attends 2019 Black Music Honors - Arrivals at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center on September 5, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

And baby makes 10! Keke Wyatt took to Instagram on October 14 to share the news about her latest pregnancy. The R&B diva is expecting her 10th child total, and first with her new husband. Who is Keke Wyatt married to? Her first two marriages were tumultuous to the end. But she seems to have found marital bliss with her current man, Zackariah Darring. 

Keke Wyatt Dated Zackariah Darring When She Was Younger

Keke Wyatt was born on March 10, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana. When she was 18, she’d marry her road manager, Rahmat Morton. Before her first marriage, however, she dated Zackariah Darring.

Zackariah David Darring was reportedly born on August 1, 1976 and is also a native of Indianapolis. In an interview, Wyatt said Darring was “her very first childhood boyfriend who grew up with her in Indianapolis.”

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After they split, she married Morton. Wyatt and Morton had a domestic violence situation where the singer stabbed him in 2001. Wyatt has since said that she stabbed him in self-defense. They divorced in 2009 and Wyatt married a second time the following year.

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(Continued) Wyatt says that she will never say either one of their names again, but she adds; “You know who the mistress is because she looks like she played in the movie Gremlins.” On April 7th 2018 Keke’s world took another blow. She was notified that her soon to be ex-husband was involved in an almost fatal car accident. Being the legal wife she uprooted and moved to Memphis, TN to be by his side while he recovered from an accident that almost took his life. “I was his wife, he was the father of my children. God says to love and love unconditionally, so that’s what I did. At that time he couldn’t walk or talk. It was up to me to make all of the decisions for his health care.” Keke sat tirelessly day after day night after night by his side. 2 months later after he came out of his coma and was taken off of all machines he made the decision to “fly off with that bat looking thing,” as Keke put it. “At that point I had washed my hands of the whole thing and I totally let it go.” Expressed Keke. “Even after all of that and all of the antagonizing and bullying on social media by his mistress hash-tagging my songs and attempting to bait me, I never reacted, I am so proud of myself… cause the old Keke would have ruined her whole entire life, but the new mature Keke realizes she is not worth my blessings.” The divorce became final and it was time for Keke to move on to the next chapter of her life. Through prayer and support from those close to her; Keke survived the lowest most difficult point in her life. She was so discouraged that she believed that she never wanted to have another relationship again. However, God placed an angel in her life by the name of Zachariah Darring. He just so happens to be her very first childhood boyfriend who grew up with her in Indianapolis, IN. Life separated them and true love has brought them back together. After reconnecting with him, surprisingly she found out that he had been single and celibate for 6 years praying for his wife; never in a million years did she think that she was the wife that he was praying for. But God is always in control. As of October 17, 2018 with only a small number of family they were married

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Wyatt and Darring Married in 2018

After her marriage to Morton fell apart, Wyatt married an evangelist, Michael Jamar (aka Michael Ford), in 2010. That marriage, however, didn’t last either and they divorced in 2017, while she was pregnant with her ninth child.

Wyatt and Ford’s child, Kendall Miguel, was born in October 2017, after their divorce. During her marital woes, one of her children was battling cancer.

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Despite the struggles she went through, she found an old love again, reuniting with her childhood sweetheart Zackariah Darring.

“I reached out to Zackariah and I was just like ‘Hey! What’s up? How you doing?’ Not looking for nothing and that’s the God’s honest truth,” she said in an interview. “I didn’t know if he had a girlfriend or whatever. I didn’t know. I was just saying ‘Hey.’ And he was like, ‘Girl, what’s up?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, Jesus.’”

Darring had been single for six years and looking for the ‘one.’ That one turned out to be his ex, now a singer and TV personality.

A year after her second divorce, Wyatt tied the knot with Darring on October 17, 2018. Shortly after their wedding, Wyatt announced that her then-14-year-old son had overcome cancer.

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TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee: @Kyle.Anfernee #Roommates, remember when #KekeWyatt’s husband of seven years left her while she was pregnant with their ninth child? Well, after Keke and Michael Jamar went their separate ways they both started seeing other people. Keke spoke with @TMZ_TV and revealed that she done got married again! ___________________________________ Keke told the site that her new man is ten times better than her ex who straight up dipped while she was pregnant and had another child battling cancer in the hospital. ___________________________________ Keke and her new hubby Zachariah Darring got married last month in Indianapolis. Keke is so in love and feels like “he’s got her back forever, unlike her ex.” ___________________________________ If y’all remember sis was in tears when —Read More At 📸: @TMZ_TV

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Darring and Wyatt Are Expecting Their First Child Together

Wyatt has six children from her marriage to Morton. She was pregnant with their seventh child at the time of their separation, but the child was stillborn.

She had her seventh child with Michael Ford, while also being stepmother to his child from a previous relationship. Ford allegedly left her for another woman during her eighth pregnancy.

And now she’s pregnant again with her first child with her new husband. This would be Wyatt’s 10th child overall, including Ford’s kids she is raising as her own.

She took to Instagram on October 14 to share a series of maternity shots. And we will get to see Keke and Zackariah manage their brood of nine kids with one more to come soon.

Wyatt announced her new YouTube family series, The Keke Show, which is about balancing her roles as wife, mother, and artist.

During her last divorce, Wyatt had sworn off marriage forever. But changed her mind after reconnecting with Darring.

She now proclaims how amazing he is and that he’s a much better man than her exes. She is also confident that, unlike Ford, Darring wouldn’t leave her when she needs him the most.

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