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Tika Sumpter was in Atlanta recently where she was inducted into the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. At its bi-annual conference, she joined its illustrious list as an honorary member. However, that wasn’t the big news of the evening. The real news was the bump Sumpter was sporting that had everyone talking. The question everybody is asking is, “Is Tika really pregnant?” The next question is likely, “Who is Tika Sumpter’s husband?” The answer is Isaiah Richards, about whom very little is known.

Starting Small, Growing Big

The big name in this marriage is Tika Sumpter. She started off acting in TV series and then graduated to small roles in Hollywood films. Sumpter was first seen as the host of the reality series Best Friend’s Date. She was next noticed in the soap opera One Life to Live, which was televised in 2010. In the same year, Sumpter debuted in Stomp the Yard: Homecoming, a musical drama in which she played the lead. Despite getting a break in the movies, Sumpter continued to act in TV series like Gossip Girl and The Game.

Success at Last

Since 2011, Sumpter has found success in movies like What’s Your Number?, Think Like a Man, Sparkle, and A Madea Christmas. Sumpter has continued to straddle the worlds of TV and movies simultaneously due to her careful choosing of roles. Her role as the leading lady in the soap opera The Haves and the Have Nots brought her to the notice of the national TV audience. However, her breakout hit came along when the movie Ride Along became a surprise box office smash. To prove that this was no flash in the pan Sumpter put her heart and soul in its sequel Ride Along 2, which also garnered huge profits at the box office.

Cresting the Wave

This success has put the spotlight on Sumpter’s personal life. Her fans are curious to know about the men in her life. She married her boyfriend, Hosea Chanchez, in 2009 after dating him for a few years. Sadly, the marriage ran into troubled waters and the couple ended up in splitsville in 2012. Luckily, her acting career continued to shine. In 2016, she starred as Michelle Obama in the movie Southside With You. The movie was based on the romance of Michelle and Barack Obama and went on to win critical acclaim everywhere it was shown. Sumpter got rave reviews for her performance with several critics calling it a breakthrough performance.

Walking on a Wire

Now, her dating time line is under the full glare of the media. Especially her relationship with rapper Drake, whom she dated in 2005 before he became the big star he is now. In subsequent interviews, she has revealed details of her crush on Drake much to the delight of her fans. Now, her baby bump has sparked off a debate over whether Sumpter is pregnant. However, Sumpter is mum on the matter while she focuses on raising her daughter, Aaliyah Dana Washington. Balancing her personal and professional live, Sumpter has become a role model for her adoring fans.