A lot of people are probably sick of asking, “Who is Taylor Swift dating?” It’s joked that Swift needs failed relationships like the rest of us need oxygen, as she’d have a much smaller track list if breakups and lost loves weren’t song subjects she could draw upon. However, she may be on the cusp of breaking her own curse, given how well her current relationship is going with boyfriend Calvin Harris, a popular Scottish singer-songwriter, DJ, and producer. The two have officially made it to the one-year anniversary mark!

To celebrate this major relationship milestone, the pair shared their love with fans on social media, with Taylor Swift posting a picture on Instagram of a beautiful, heart-shaped locket engraved to celebrate their 365 days of love. Meanwhile, Calvin Harris used Snapchat to post a video of their anniversary cake, which looks small, but was clearly made with love, featuring hearts and the words “1 year.”

Taylor Swift Instagram


However, Taylor Swift took a long path to make it to current boyfriend Calvin Harris, experiencing breakup after breakup along the way. To understand just what we mean, here’s a Taylor Swift dating timeline:

Pre-Fame: Taylor Swift had several relationships before she became a worldwide musical sensation, several of which had songs based on them. “Tim McGraw,” despite its name, is apparently about an ex named Brandon Borello, who she dated until he left for college, the song being for him to remember her by. “Picture to Burn” is about a “redneck” named Jordan Alford, who never let Swift drive his truck. Finally, “Should’ve Said No” was about a former boyfriend, Sam Armstrong, who was caught having an affair with another girl behind Swift’s back. Bet he regrets it now that she’s rich and famous!

2008: Taylor Swift dated Joe Jonas, her first celebrity relationship, starting in July of this year. It would only last until October, when Jonas dumped her not just over the phone, but on a call that didn’t even last 30 seconds. The song “Forever and Always” is supposedly based on their breakup, and surprisingly, the two have remained friends, with Swift forgiving him for how they broke up and Jonas doing the same for what is essentially a diss track.

2009: Swift had a one-month fling with her co-star on the “You Belong With Me” video, Lucas Till, before he decided that he only liked her as a friend. Then, in August, she hooked up with Twilight star Taylor Lautner after they met on the set of the movie Valentine’s Day. This relationship also came to an end in December of the same year, citing issues with distance and schedules and the fact that he was way more into her than the other way around. The song “Back to December” is theorized to be about him.

In the same month as her split with Lautner, Taylor Swift began a rocky one-month relationship with fellow musician John Mayer, whom she grew close to while helping him with his song “Half of My Heart.” He obviously didn’t take her age into consideration when it came to his treatment of the star (she was 19 at the time), given the lyrics of “Dear John,” which is likely about their time together.


Taylor Swift Show 

2010: It was rumored that Taylor Swift dated the late Cory Monteith of Glee fame from April to May of 2010, but neither confirmed or denied it; they did, however, blush when asked about it. It’s also believed the song “Mine” may have been about him; perhaps ironically, said song was used on an episode of Glee, during Monteith’s final season before his passing.

Later, in October, Swift had a more serious relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. At one point, he even chartered a private jet for one of their dates! However, Gyllenhaal managed to top Joe Jonas in Taylor Swift’s list of worst breakups, texting her the news in January 2011, though they were spotted together occasionally afterwards. Several songs are theorized to be about this time in Swift’s life, including fan favorite “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

2012: Following rumored relationships with Eddie Redmayne and Zac Efron that remain denied to this day, news was confirmed about Taylor Swift dating Conor Kennedy of the Kennedy political family. The pair was together from July to September. Swift supposedly took the relationship seriously enough to buy a house to be closer to him, selling it following the split.


In December, Swift began a short-lived relationship with Harry Styles of One Direction. The song “I Knew You Were Trouble” was believed to be about him and the singer even used a lyric from the song on social media to inform the world that the two were through.

2015: This brings us to back to the main question at hand: who is Taylor Swift dating now? Swift and her current boyfriend, Calvin Harris, were first spotted together in March last year. They later confirmed they were a pair and, as a result, the highest-paid celebrity couple in the world, having made a combined $146 million last year alone.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

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