Celebrities in high-profile relationships may seem to break up a lot, but they’re also notably fast to hook up with someone new. However, Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of legendary actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, apparently bucked the trend by taking his time to recover following his split from Miley Cyrus. The grieving process appears to finally be over, though, as the young model and actor has been spotted with a new squeeze—and she’s a model, too! So, who is Patrick Schwarzenegger dating now? Her name is Abby Champion.

But first, some let’s backtrack a little. Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus got together in December 2014 and were said to be practically inseparable at first. However, Schwarzenegger soon left on a trip to Cabo San Lucas for Spring Break, where he was photographed with another girl; while he insisted nothing happened and she was a friend’s girlfriend, Cyrus was reportedly still so unhappy that it strained the relationship. Things seemed to be on the mend afterwards, but it’s clear that they weren’t, given the couple split up in April 2015, a whole five months after they started going out.

Patrick Schwarzenegger wasn’t spotted with anyone new following the split, presumably because of how broken up he was about it. However, it’s more than clear that he made the decision to move on, because, well, he apparently already has. On February 27, a photo appeared on Instagram of Schwarzenegger holding his new catch, fellow model Abby Champion. And if you need any further confirmation, the image was posted by Champion herself on her own account. The only text posted with the pic wasn’t text at all, just some emojis, but the picture featuring him with his arm wrapped around her is enough for people to connect the dots.


Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby Champion

The two have apparently been getting closer and closer over the past several months, being seen most recently walking around together in Venice, California. While they weren’t holding hands or otherwise all over each other, they apparently were sharing a single beverage, so take that for what it’s worth.

Miley Cyrus has also sorted out her feelings regarding not only Patrick Schwarzenegger, but Liam Hemsworth, as well. The two began dating in June 2009 while working on their film The Last Song, and proceeded to have a roller-coaster relationship, constantly calling it off and getting back together again. They got engaged three years after first hooking up, only to call things off again in December 2013. However, it looks like they never truly got over each other, because this January, they got engaged again!

According to sources, they benefited from the separation because it gave them time to sort out their feelings and grow as individuals. It’s also been said that Miley Cyrus is working on her image following her re-engagement, by trying to avoid anything that might make her (and her relationship with Hemsworth, as a result) into a public spectacle. This was apparently an important issue for Liam Hemsworth, to the point that a failure to tone things down would’ve been a deal breaker—enough even to end the relationship for good. Makes you wonder what Patrick Schwarzenegger’s opinion was of Miley Cyrus’ behavior!

Feature Photo: Twitter/PSchwarzenegger
Photo: Instagram/abbychampion


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