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Morris Chestnut, best known for Boyz n the Hood and Rosewood, is certainly easy on the eyes. And his fans expect his son would take after him, at least in the looks department. So, a picture of Morris Chestnut’s son that’s circulating the Internet has everyone believing Grant Chestnut has hit the genetic jackpot. But who is Morris Chestnut’s son? Here’s a hint: You’re looking at the wrong photo.

Who Is Grant Chestnut’s Son?

Morris Chestnut and his wife, Pam Bryce, have two children: Paige and Grant Chestnut. The kids often joined their parents at red carpet events when they were younger. But sightings in recent years have been scarce.

A certain person’s image is circulating online with people claiming that it is Morris Chestnut’s son. Those commenting on the image are comparing Chestnut’s supposed son to the actor himself.

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This beautiful creature is Morris Chesnut’s son 😻😻😩😝

Posted by Erica Cowans on Sunday, April 19, 2020

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However, the person in that picture is not Grant Chestnut.

The person in the image is a man identified simply as Syd. There’s no apparent connection between him and Morris Chestnut.

Nonetheless, several social media accounts are using Syd’s images to claim that he is Morris Chestnut’s son. Even the comments section in Syd’s Instagram is flooded with queries related to the Rosewood actor.

Morris Chestnut’s real son, Grant, bears no resemblance to Syd that would result in such confusion. Grant still has his dad good-looking genes though.

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Grant Chestnut Recently Graduated College

Grant Chestnut stays out of his dad’s spotlight and his Instagram is private. But he does have a few pictures on Facebook.

Posted by Grant Chestnut on Sunday, June 16, 2019

He is content with his own studies and career. Chestnut graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder in 2019, where he studied advertising.

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In college, Chestnut was one of four students whose business and problem-solving skills stood out in the P&G CEO Challenge. The challenge, which took place across different rounds, ended with the final event in Dubai.

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Merry Christmas from the Chestnuts❤️

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Grant Chestnut’s now building his resume as an international sales coordinator for EF Educational Tours. But his work is probably on pause amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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