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About Jo-Ellyn Tucker
Known AsJo-Ellyn Haynesworth
Age50 Years
BirthAugust 18, 1971
ChildrenChristian Tucker, Joseph Tucker
AlumniRutgers Law School, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth was all set for a thriving career in law after she enrolled at Rutgers University in New Jersey, but her life changed when she met Mel Tucker while there. Their first date confirmed their love for each other, and they got married almost 21 years ago. Today, Mel Tucker is a successful coach who gets a multi-million dollar pay check every year, while wife Jo-Ellyn Tucker does the less glamorous but arguably more difficult job of taking care of the kids and home for her family. As a wife and a mother who is always in the sports news media, Jo-Ellyn Tucker is highly visible and quite influential. As a successful African-American woman who is formally educated, worldly-wise, and experienced, Jo-Ellyn is looked at by other women as someone to look up to!

Mel Tucker’s Wife Is Jo-Ellyn Tucker

They say behind every successful man there is a great woman who got him there. It’s often true, and history and the present age are littered with numerous such examples. American football coach Mel Tucker is seemingly one such successful person and is now the head football coach at Michigan State University.

Mel himself would say the biggest reason for his success is his wife, Jo-Ellyn Tucker. They have been married for more than two decades now, and things have only gotten better for Mel since then.

Mel’s wife Jo-Ellyn is an accomplished woman herself. She studied law when at college; fell in love with Mel, married him, and worked with him to make a nice home for them; made a career as a practicing attorney and adjunct professor; and is also the mother of their two children.

While Mel is always in the spotlight thanks to his high-profile football coaching career, it’s Jo-Ellyn who has taken care of the job of running their home and giving strong support to her family.

Jo-Ellyn’s Education Landed Her True Romance As Well!

Reportedly born on August 18, 1971, Jo-Ellyn’s age is 50 years now. Her maiden name is Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth, and she completed her undergraduate studies in English at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and then earned her law degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The erstwhile Haynesworth met Mel Tucker when she was a law student through his friend who knew Tucker from his days in Wisconsin. The attraction between Haynesworth and Tucker was strong immediately when the two met for the first time.

They decided to go out on their first date.

The Mel Tucker-Jo-Ellyn Wedding Is Now 21 Years Strong!

Tucker was smitten by Haynesworth on their first date, and she liked him, too. Tucker was sure he wanted to marry Haynesworth and he proposed to her, and to his utter delight she said “Yes.” That was almost a dream come for Tucker. The Mel Tucker-Jo-Ellyn Haynesworth wedding took place almost 21 years ago, and the couple is very much still together.

It’s been more than two decades now, and their marital party is still in full swing! The most important thing to come out of the Jo-Ellyn Tucker-Mel Tucker marriage is their two children.


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Jo-Ellyn’s Family Is of Paramount Importance to Her

Jo-Ellyn is the mother of two teenaged children now. Mel and Jo-Ellyn’s kids are both sons and are named Joseph Tucker and Christian Tucker. The boys were born on the same date (Feb. 18) two years apart. Joseph is 19 years old while his younger sibling Christian T is 17 years old.

Christian currently plays varsity football for Lansing Catholic High School in Michigan.

While Jo-Ellyn initially pursued a formal career in law, she at some point chose to be a homemaker and support her husband Mel and her two sons.


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Jo-Ellyn Is the Wind Beneath Mel Tucker’s Wings!

People often wonder, what does Jo-Ellyn do? When she is not taking care of the war on the home front (Running a domestic household can be like fighting a full-scale war, according to every homemaker who has ever been there!), Jo-Ellyn Tucker is a strategic advisor and local community leader involved in organizational leadership and nonprofit volunteer service.

She currently serves as a board member of the Capital Area Humane Society. But Jo-Ellyn is also busy supporting her husband in his very tense and tough career.

The stakes in college football are nothing less than gigantic, and the only way Mel can do a good job is if Jo-Ellyn has his back. Which she has done very effectively from the time she became part of his personal and professional lives.

Jo-Ellyn Tucker Is a Role Model for Her Community!

Jo-Ellyn is an African-American just like her husband Mel Tucker, and they are highly respected in their community and even beyond. They have lived an achievement-oriented life, tried to make their marriage work (and mostly succeeded), raised two children who will contribute to society, and have given back to society.

Jo-Ellyn Tucker is the focal point in all this and she has used her strong character, intelligence, passion, and strength to make her world a better place for everyone who lives in it!