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James Marsden seems to be having a bit of a career resurgence as of late. His role on Westworld has garnered critical praise and high ratings. But who is James Marsden dating? James Marsden’s girlfriend, Edei, may be a familiar name if you live in England, but not so much in North America. So, we’ve done a bit of digging, and we have all the details you need to know about Edei, right here!

Edei’s Early Life

Emma Deigman was born in 1989 in Buckinghamshire, England. Her stage name is a combination of the first initial of her first name and the first three letters of her last name.

Edei’s mother is named Vicky, and she worked as a casting agent and producer in the English film industry. Meanwhile, Edei’s father is a man named Patrick, who is a property developer. She has three siblings—two brothers and a younger sister.

Edei’s sister, Laura Deigman, is a tennis player who managed to make it to the 2011 Wimbledon Championships (in the Girls’ Singles division).

Edei Is a Singer

Edei’s career as a performer started at a very young age, but she got her first taste of national fame when she landed the starring role in a production of Annie. This lead to a unique opportunity for then-10-year-old Edei to perform with rapper Jay-Z on national television.

At the time, Jay-Z had a hit single called “Hard Knock Life,” which used a sample from Annie as part of the chorus. So, for his performance on the British music show, Top of the Pops, Edei was brought in to sing the chorus.

Once Edei hit her teenage years, she began pursuing a music career, specifically as a pop singer. And during that time, she could have easily competed in reality contest shows like X-Factor. She was even reportedly offered chances to join numerous girl groups!

Instead, Edei focused on creating a solo career and was the opening act for Girls Aloud. She released many singles including “In My Bed” and “Loved.”

Edei is still working on new music, but she has also gone back to her first love—the theater. She was most recently part of a production for a play called Butterside Down.

Her Relationship with James Marsden

Edei met and began dating actor James Marsden in 2015. And despite the 15-year age gap between them, the two have been together ever since. Marsden has even gone up on stage from time to time and performed with Edei.

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The singer has a couple active social media channels. Edei has a Facebook page and Twitter account, but neither is updated very often.

On the other hand, Edei’s Instagram account is updated and maintains very regularly. There, you can find plenty of pics of Edei with her friends and family. And, it’s also on her Instagram that you can see Edei’s love for James Marsden via tons of cute pics of the two!