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When it comes to fashion and modeling, almost everyone in the world and all from within the showbiz industry keep complimenting female models with a skinny physiques and their “size zero” figure. But, when you look at Iskra Lawrence, you’d definitely think that a little flesh doesn’t keep a gorgeous woman from being the hottest model.

Now, that we’ve intrigued your common assumptions about modeling, you’re probably wondering who is Iskra Lawrence. So, to start off, Iskra Lawrence is currently the promising new talent of the modeling world and a woman who’s being coined as the sexiest “plus size” model of all time. Iskra’s beautiful appearance has proved the fashion industry that having a varying body weight doesn’t need to stop a woman from being beautiful.

Who is Iskra Lawrence?

Credits: Instagram/iamiskra

So, if you’re someone revolutionizing the fashion industry, you ought to make a statement and prove your point. And, Iskra Lawrence has done so by simply being a treat for the eyes. Before we grow fond of her, let’s get to know a thing or two about Iskra Lawrence. Iskra is a 25-year-old British model and actress who was lives in Worcestershire, England. She is represented by the agencies Jag Models and Models 1, and is also an avid social media motivator. Iskra is known for influencing aspiring young models by being a body positivist. That means to curb on all dietary and exercising practices that force models to keep a minimum body weight, which indirectly affects their own health.

There’s not much more to know about Iskra Lawrence as she’s just starting off her modeling career, but here are five interesting facts about Iskra that will amuse you for sure!

5 Facts You Need to Know About Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence was the face of Aerie’s New Campaign

Iskra Lawrence facts

Credits: Instagram/iamiskra

Iskra Lawrence took center stage and grabbed the world’s attention when the leading top-brand in lingerie fashion chose Iskra as a role model for its Aerie Real campaign. The campaign promoted healthy body image and made Iskra an ambassador of America’s National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). As a NEDA ambassador, Iskra won several awards for portraying a healthy physique and promoting the benefits of it to new generations.

Iskra Was Fired from an Agency for Being “Chubby”

According to some inside reports, a modeling agency (yet unknown) let go of Iskra Lawrence, who was just a teenager at that time, because it found her 36-inch waist size problematic.

She’s a Fashion Editor & a Teacher

According to sources, Iskra is a managing editor for Runway Riot, a fashion web site. According to Shape Magazine, Lawrence has also been teaching young woman facing eating disorders through a preventive program called The Body Project.

She Wants the “Plus Size” Term Removed from Fashion

Iskra thinks calling models who aren’t skinny “plus size” is derogatory to the profession and dents one’s personal sense of respect. She has been asking people to stop categorizing models by using the “plus size” term and to put all of them under one title.

Iskra Never Uses Photoshop


Credits: Instagram/iamiskra

This turns out to be the most interesting fact about Iskra Lawrence. Iskra refuses to use any photo-enhancing software for her pictures. Her Instagram photos clearly indicate that the British model won’t Photoshop her photos. She’s proud of her curves and refuses to hide them.