Happy birthday to Eva Longoria! The former Desperate Housewives star turns 41 today following an incredibly busy year. Not only did her hit series Telenovela—on which she both stars and is the executive producer—complete its first season, but she also helped raise awareness about gender inequality in the industry. But what about her dating timeline between her 40th and 41st birthdays? Who is Eva Longoria dating now? Well, actually, technically nobody, which is one of her milestones from the past year; Eva Longoria is engaged!

The lucky man is her then-boyfriend-now-fiancé of two years, Jose Antonio Baston, the president of Latin American entertainment company Televisa. The mogul apparently worked very hard to win over his future wife, acting like a gentleman all the way. Apparently it paid off, because the actress has said that thanks to Baston, she is, “in a complete place in [her] life.” The proposal was made in a desert in Dubai and was notable for being incredibly extravagant.

But how did Eva Longoria get to this point? Here’s her relationship history:

2001: Longoria started dating Tyler Christopher, best known for his time spent as a cast member on General Hospital. The two would rush into marriage, eloping on January 20, 2002 in Las Vegas. Their relationship would make it only one day short of two years and end in divorce on January 19, 2004.

2004: Eva Longoria started seeing singer and dancer Joshua Scott “JC” Chasez, formerly of N*SYNC, in September of this year. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t the only man in her life; in November, she also began seeing Troy Parker of the San Antonio Spurs! Longoria likely got a pass because neither relationship was serious, but come February the next year, she’d apparently made her decision, as she and Chasez called it quits. Despite how brief their fling was, the breakup apparently hit Chavez hard enough as he admitted that she likely influenced at least one breakup song.

Meanwhile, things with Parker got more serious until the two got engaged in November of 2006, culminating in marriage on July 6, 2007 in romantic Paris, France. Things would be fine for three whole years until November 2010, when Longoria suddenly filed for divorce from her husband. It was later discovered that she had discovered signs that Parker was having an affair, namely hundreds of text messages on his phone from another woman; the woman was later identified as the then-wife of a former Spurs teammate. Parker would go on to file for divorce elsewhere, creating an issue over which court would hear the case and ultimately lead into what would be a messy divorce. The pair was officially divorced in January of 2011.


2011: Not long after the split from Troy Parker, Eva Longoria was seen having dinner with Eduardo Cruz, brother of Penélope Cruz and 10 years her junior. The two enjoyed 16 months together before splitting in June 2012.

2012: A four-month relationship blossomed between Longoria and NFL player Mark Sanchez, ending when Longoria told him there were just too many differences between the two during a time when they were both said to be busy and stressed. The breakup reportedly crushed Sanchez; having received the news right before a game, his team went on to lose.

2013: Longoria’s relationship with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ernesto Arguello was originally a rumor, but it would turn out to be true. They reportedly met through the reality show Ready for Love, which she produced and he appeared on. Despite being seen in the media as a great fit for each other, the pair only made it four months before breaking up due to scheduling conflicts, and right after that, another rumor was born: the two were looking to marry.

Later that year, in October, Eva Longoria would meet her future husband, Jose Antonio Baston. The rest of their story, however, has yet to be written.


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