Rumor has it, that Jesse Williams’ new girlfriend may end up costing him greatly in his current divorce case! Originally referred to as “Mama C” by his kids and the press, as it turns out the woman in question is reportedly named Ciarra Pardo. Who is Ciarra Pardo? Is she Jesse Williams’ girlfriend? We dug through the Internet to try and get all of the information you’re ever going to need about Ciarra Pardo and her connection to Jesse Williams. So, keep reading!

Personal Basics on Ciarra Pardo

Let’s start this Ciarra Pardo wiki off right with some basic information about the woman. She was born on March 20, 1979, which places Ciarra Pardo’s age at 38.

Beyond that, her private life is very much unknown, as Pardo is much more known for her work with celebrities behind the camera than in front of it. It is rumored that she was dating Criminal Minds actor, Adam Rodriguez around 2008, but beyond that, there is little to be found on her personal life.

Being Creative with Rihanna

Ciarra Pardo is best known in the music industry as the creative director behind Rihanna. She’s worked with the R&B star since 2007, starting as an art director on the albums, Music of the Sun and A Girl Like Me. She moved into an overall creative director position with 2011’s Talk That Talk.

As to what the creative director position entails, she does things from helping to come up with the designs and concepts for Rihanna’s videos, to helping create Rihanna’s live stage show performances. It’s a position that can shift with whatever the actual job is. From videos to concert tours and album artwork, the creative director can end up having a lot of fingers in different pies.

So, What’s the Deal with Jesse Williams?

Are Ciarra Pardo and Jesse Williams dating? That depends on whose story you believe. According to Williams’ ex-wife, Pardo is Williams’ new girlfriend, and together, they violated their custody agreement. Williams and his ex-wife agreed that no significant other would be introduced to the children until they were dating for at least six months.

According to other sources, Pardo and Williams are just old friends who have known each other since Williams’ children were born! While a pic from a recent vacation trip to Brazil on Ciarra Pardo Instagram is credited to Williams, it is claimed that it was just a fun family trip with friends.