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The Good Doctor star Freddie Highmore is a man of mystery. Despite being linked to several famous women, he has kept his relationship under wraps for years. The actor also managed to keep his marriage on the down low and barely uses social media. So, his fans are curious to know who Freddie Highmore’s wife is. Read on for details about Freddie Highmore’s wife, Klarissa Munz, and his dating history.

Who Is Freddie Highmore’s Wife?

In September 2021, Freddie Highmore announced his marriage on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But he didn’t reveal the identity of his wife back then.

Despite sharing the news that he secretly wed a British woman in 2021, the star of The Good Doctor is notoriously private about his personal life.

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After Kimmel questioned him about the evident wedding band on his hand, Highmore said he had wed someone special. Many were curious about his marital status after seeing a ring on his finger. So, the Bates Motel alum decided to speak about it.

The actor said, “I’m not going to jump up and down on the couch on the talk show and express my excitement that way. I know that you do that in America. I am as happy as a Brit can be, and I’m married to a very wonderful woman now. So yes, I feel very happy.”

Freddie Highmore is married to a British web designer named Klarissa Munz. And according to reports, Munz attended Cambridge University as The Good Doctor actor.

The actor’s fans are waiting for the couple to make their relationship Instagram official. But we don’t anticipate it will come anytime soon, given their wish to maintain their privacy.

In April 2023, Highmore again appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the host asked him if he had gotten used to the term wife yet

The actor revealed, “It’s just that I’m used to the ring like I don’t really play around it; at the start, you’re constantly fiddling with it, but yeah, the term ‘my wife’ is still a little odd.”

Then Kimmel asked if the term husband was odd for her to say, and he replied, “No, I think she’s just got used to it.”

Freddie Highmore’s Dating History

The August Rush actor has been romantically linked with many high-profile actresses over the year. The list includes:

Sarah Bolger

The pair met while auditioning for Spiderwick Chronicles in 2006. They were rumored to be dating and reportedly split in 2009. The actor was spotted on a dinner date with Dakota Fanning the same year. Paparazzi even photographed them together, but the duo never confirmed anything.

Emma Roberts

In 2011, rumors of Emma Roberts and Freddie falling in love were circulating in the media. When The Art of Getting By production got underway, the two hit it off right away. But it turned out that they were just terrific friends.

Abigail Breslin

Scream Queens actress Abigail Breslin and Highmore were never spotted or photographed together, but they were rumored to have dated in 2016. Neither of them commented on the alleged relationship ever.

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