With the first season now officially over, fans are eagerly anticipating Scream Queens season 2. Unfortunately, there hasn’t yet been confirmation that the show will, in fact, be renewed for a second season. But in the meantime, the show’s Twitter page is keeping fans in the loop with updates on award nominations, twists from this week’s big finale, and potential storylines for the second season.

One of the of best tweets from the page is a GIF that’s like a mash-up between Scream Queens and a Star Wars movie. It shows a scene from the show where Nick Jonas’ character, Boone Clemens, says, “That would be crazy,” and his best friend, Chad Radwell (played by Glen Powell), replies, “CRAZY.” They’re conversation is in response to the caption accompanying the GIF: “#IdUseTheForceTo to go ham on the Red Devil #ScreamQueens.”

The Star Wars-inspired hashtag has been trending on Twitter, so the Scream Queens version is just one of plenty. Many of people have been sharing their own take on it over the past 24 hours. While some are more heartfelt, like one person who wrote, “#IdUseTheForceTo fix mental illness and solve homelessness,” others took a little more comedic liberty with theirs. For instance, another user borrowed the Star Wars intro and tweeted, “#IdUseTheForceTo Send this jackass to a galaxy far far far very extremely far away [sic],” adding a picture of none other than Donald Trump.

Judging by the comments left on the Scream Queens GIF, fans are pretty upset that the show has ended. With regards to Scream Queens season 2, we’ll have to wait and see. Actress Lea Michele, whose character Hester Ulrich (SPOILER ALERT) was revealed as the mysterious Red Devil killer in the December 8 finale, has hinted that she’s already talked to creator Ryan Murphy about how the next season would unfold for her character.

Emma Roberts has also said that although she’s not sure if Scream Queens season 2 will actually happen, she’s definitely interested in reprising her role as the snooty sorority ringleader, Chanel Oberlin.


Photo: Instagram/screamqueensfox

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