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Which Is the Best Upcoming Ronda Rousey Movie of 2016?

The undisputed UFC champion will soon be seen as a leading movie star who kicks butts of all the Hollywood macho men with her impressive fighting skills. Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is going to be the next big thing in all the upcoming action-thriller movies of 2016 and 2017. Ronda’s amazing combat skills and her athletic build makes her a highly sought-after action star in the movie business. Ronda Rousey perfectly fits the bill of a tough American girl who won’t get dominated by any guy.

Ronda Rousey Movie of 2016

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While many actresses in Hollywood have played the lead in action movies, they aren’t a match for Ronda. You may not believe us yet, but when you see Ronda Rousey inside an MMA ring, you’ll be shocked! When it comes to a strong woman fighting the bad guys, Ronda Rousey is the real deal. Her superb yet fatal moves will give female action stars like Michelle Rodriguez and Scarlett Johansson a run for their money.

On top of that, the beautiful 29-year-old fighter has given us a taste of her own combination of fists and flirt in an epic fighting sequence from the Entourage movie last year. Watch the clip below and see Ronda Rousey doing her own best in the movie!

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Road House

After starring in a great fighting duel against Michelle Rodriguez in Furious 7 (2015) and being a cast member in The Expendables 3 (2014), Ronda Rousey has got her own movie rolling in. Ronda Rousey will be playing the lead in an action remake of the 1983 thriller Road House. So far, it is confirmed that this will be Ronda’s debut movie as a leading actress and she will be playing the character of Lady Dalton.

In September of last year, Ronda Rousey’s involvement in the remake was officially announced, making her UFC fans much more eager for its release than any other of her main event bout. As the movie is still under production, it may get slated for a late-2016 early-2017 release. Acclaimed writer Nick Cassavetes will by writing and directing the movie, which will be Ronda’s first time working with the established filmmaker.

Ronda Rousey Movie

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Mile 22

Considering her self-made persona, several production houses are gearing up to brainstorm new projects suitable for the powerful beauty. It’s speculated that Paramount will be making a movie adaptation of Ronda’s autobiography My Fight/Your Fight, and Warner Brothers will be casting her for The Athena Project. But, Ronda seems more excited to star in a movie opposite Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg. She will be seen opposite Wahlberg in Mile 22, which will be directed by Peter Berg.

The movie was written by Graham Roland and will be produced by Steven Levinson and Mark Wahlberg. So far, more details about the movie haven’t been out, but actor Iko Uwais will be joining the cast as well. While the movie is still in its pre-production phase, Ronda seems excited to wrap it up and see it on the big screen—just like us. So, stay tuned and keep checking back for more news about Ronda Rousey’s upcoming movies as the fighting champion may sign a couple of more movies this year!