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After the first presidential debate, the public themselves are still debating which candidate put up a better fight. While some people feel Hillary Clinton did better, there is no shortage of Trump supporters who feel their candidate did much better. Amid all this commotion, what might have slipped from peoples’ minds, is that the whole debate contest is not even over yet! There are still two more presidential debates yet to happen. Both candidates will still get time to present their plans for the future of America. now, many people are asking, “When is the next presidential debate?” They also want to know, “Where is the next presidential debate?” Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers you need, right here.

The Moderators

The second presidential debate will be held at Washington University, in St. Louis, Missouri. The debate will begin at 9.00 pm EST, on Sunday, October 9, 2016. People are curious as to who will moderate the next presidential debate. For this Sunday’s debate, there will be two moderators delegating the questions. The names of the moderators have already been announced. They are Martha Raddatz, Chief Global Affairs Correspondent and Co-Anchor of “This Week” ABC, and CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper. Both are well known news correspondents who are very familiar to American audiences. They have the ability, and most importantly, the credibility to moderate this important debate, where the future of America will be discussed.

Different Format

The second presidential debate will be different from the first one, in terms of format. The debate will be divided into two halves. For the first half, questions will be asked directly to the two candidates by the citizen participants. For the other half, it will switch to the moderators, who will then be asking the questions on topics of public interest and concerns for America. Each candidate will get two minutes to respond to the question posed, while the moderator will get one minute to facilitate further discussion. This kind of debate is known as the Townhall meeting style. The citizen participants will be uncommitted voters who have not yet decided who to give their vote to.


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What Time to Watch?

People want to know what time is the next presidential debate on. The second presidential debate starts at 9:00 p.m. EST and will continue until 10:30 p.m. EST. The duration of the debate is 90 minutes.

Where to Watch?

People are unsure about where exactly they can catch the debate on TV, and are asking, “What channel is the next presidential debate on?” The second presidential debate will be telecast live on C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. It will also be telecast live on all cable news channels including CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Network and MSNBC. We repeat, for your benefit, that the second presidential debate is at 9.00 pm ET on Sunday, October 9, 2016. One of these two candidates is going to lead America for the next four years. You have a stake in this process. Make your decision an informed one after watching this debate. The future of America is in your hands. Watch the debate without fail. Don’t miss it!


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