What Your Age Has to Do with the Types of Men You Attract


By now it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to hear that men are inherently attracted to younger, beautiful women—it’s part of the reason why age gap dating is so popular. But if you’re still skeptical, a new study out of Finland provides even more scientific proof about the merits of age gap dating.

Thousands of men were surveyed about what age group they found themselves most sexually attracted to in the past 12 months, as well as which age group they actually had sex with in that same period. The results showed that men, regardless of their age, reported being most sexually attracted to women in their mid-20s. The findings held true across all age groups for men—the younger ones want older women in their mid-20s, while the more mature men wanted younger women in that same age group. And there you have the basis for age gap dating, with older men dating younger women.

According to the researchers behind the study, it all boils down to biology. Older men are drawn to age gap dating with younger women because they subconsciously see them as being more fertile. “The highest fertility has been estimated to occur in the mid-20s, with a decline after the age of 35,” explained the researchers.

This study doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re a woman over 35, you’re not fit for age gap dating. It also doesn’t mean that a man’s only motive for dating a younger woman is to procreate. The point of this research is to show that age gap dating works because, whether or not they act on it, men are more attracted to women who are younger than them because they subconsciously perceive them to be more suitable partners.


What do you think: Do you agree that men prefer age gap dating because they’re subconsciously drawn to younger women’s fertility?


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