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Prince has been dead for over two weeks and people are not privy to the real cause of his death. All the latest update on Prince’s cause of death are so varied that it’s hard for us to figure out what the truth is. Prince has been one of the most iconic singers and musicians of the last four decades. And, he still remains an inspiration. So, knowing the true facts in the answer tot he question“How did Prince die?” is a big deal for millions of his fans and followers. And, what alarms most of us is whether most recent update is true—Did Prince have AIDS?

Before we draw any conclusions from these new developments, it’s important to know that Prince’s cause of death is still debatable as the official reports aren’t out yet. Only the autopsy reports submitted by the Minnesota officials will reveal the true answer to – “How did Prince die?” It will also answer the most intriguing question, which is “Did Prince have AIDS?”. Prince’s age at the time of death was 57 and he had been ill a few months prior to his death. But, there’s still no official report on Prince diagnosed with HIV.

Take a look at these facts about the circumstances in which Prince was found dead. And, also read the most recent addition to the matter of Prince’s cause of death.

How Did Prince Die?

Prince Rogers Nelson was at last seen alive at his Paisley Park complex in Chanhassen, Minnesota. According to the reports, the Carver County’s sheriff received a 911 emergency call from Prince’s Paisley Park estate. Upon arriving, the officials found Prince unconscious and immobile in the elevator of his recording studios. An ambulance arrived at the scene and gave emergency CPR, but Prince’s body was unresponsive. He was declared dead at 10:04 a.m. on April 21, 2016.

Prince’s Addiction

While the Carver County’s coroner did the autopsy, rumors of Prince’s drug addiction began to spread. Andrew Kornfield, the emergency caller from Prince’s Paisley Park estate, had revealed that he and his father Dr. Howard Kornfield were treating the singer during those days. Prince was given a treatment to fight his opioid addiction.

The news sounded similar to the time when Prince had an emergency landing in Illinois. After canceling shows from his Piano & A Microphone Tour in Atlanta, Prince was flown back to Minnesota for some health problems. It was reported that Prince was suffering from dehydration due to influenza just few weeks before his death. On his way back him, the flight carrying Prince had to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois. An unresponsive male passenger (probably Prince) was taken to the hospital. A few days later, Prince returned home, and his rep confirmed he was fine. But, some tabloids had reported that the singer overdoses on a painkiller drug.

Did Prince Have AIDS?

This is the most recent new finding regarding the cause of Prince’s death. In a report by the National Enquirer, Prince was claimed to be suffering from AIDS. The tabloid had reached out to one of Prince’s reps who’s identity is still unknown. The rep told the tabloid that the late singer was diagnosed with HIV in the mid-1990s and that this was the main reason Prince was overdosing on painkillers. While the blood reports from Prince’s autopsy aren’t out yet, some people are shocked to learn that Prince could have died from AIDS.

While the investigations of Prince’s death are currently ongoing, these unexpected turn of events are really disheartening millions of his fans. In addition to this, Prince’s  siblings have now claimed their rights to his net worth and estates as the late singer had no children to heir his assets. This also gives rise to questions about Prince’s will and whether there was any foul play regarding his death.