Dean McDermott has yet to defend himself against the claims that he cheated on his wife of 13 years, Tori Spelling, with a woman who’s 19 years his junior—the younger mistress, Emily Goodhand, has even admitted to the affair herself. His silence on the matter is leading many people to think he’s guilty. “He’s totally gone dark,” reveals an insider close to the celebrity couple. “When other stories came out about him cheating, he’d say it’s all lies. This time no one has heard from him.”

So, where does this leave Spelling? Sources say she’s understandably not taking the news of the affair well, but that she’s putting on a brave face and trying to act normal for the sake of their four young kids. “Tori is wearing her wedding ring, but it looks like things are very strained,” another insider told E! News. “She’s trying to keep things together for her kids and is putting on a happy face.”

The source also revealed that the celebrity couple recently moved into a new house, but since the affair scandal surfaced, McDermott hasn’t been around much—he reportedly hasn’t been there at all in the past several days.


Meanwhile, Spelling has been spotted around town keeping busy and doing fun activities with the kids, who are aged six, five, two, and one. She even took the kids to adopt a new puppy—whatever it takes to keep them happy while she sorts out her strained marriage.

The celebrity couple reportedly doesn’t have a prenup in place, so if this affair scandal does end in a divorce, it could get messy.

What do you think: Would you take your older man back if he was accused of having an affair?


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