What Time is the Presidential Debate Tonight? Third Presidential Debate Schedule, Timings, Channel & More

What Time is the Presidential Debate Tonight
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Get ready for the final showdown! Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in the final presidential debate tonight and we have all the details you need, including what time it begins and how you can watch it live!


The U.S. Presidential race has finally reached the last stage, and things are definitely starting to heat up! The third debate is the final clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump before the November 8 elections, so it’s down to the wire for these two. The two candidates will be questioned by moderator, Chris Wallace on issues of foreign policy and economy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. If you’re wondering what time does the presidential debate start and how you can watch it live, we’ve got all the answers you need right here!

What Time Does the Debate Start?

The final presidential debate is tonight (Wednesday, October 19) and viewers couldn’t be more excited to see how this final showdown pans out, especially with all the hot water Trump seems to have gotten himself into lately! The 90-minute debate will begin at 9:00 p.m. EST/ 6:00 p.m. PT/ 8:00 p.m. CT. All major broadcasters, including CNN, PBS, NBC, C-SPAN and CBS will air the debate live. You can watch the debate on your TV screens or check out the news channels’ YouTube channels for the live stream of the debate.

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What Format is the Debate Following?

The third presidential debate will follow the format of the first debate. The 90 minutes of the debate will be divided into six segments of 15 minutes each. Clinton and Trump will be given two minutes each to answer each of the questions from moderator, Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace is a TV anchor who works for Fox News and is known as “Mr. Sunday” for his Sunday prime time appearance. This is the first time an anchor from Fox is getting the opportunity to take charge of the general election debate!

Pre-Debate Political Scenario

The current polls are showing that Hillary Clinton is in the lead, though Trump is steadily closing the gap. Still, he’s nowhere close to winning, and Trump’s sexual assault allegations have caused a decrease in his support base. Meanwhile, Hillary’s private email server scandal is still a matter of contention. Voters are finding it difficult to trust her, but she’s still able to move undecided voters.

The final presidential debate airs tonight. This is the final clash of the titans before you vote on November 8, so don’t miss it!



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