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What time does Orange Is the New Black come out? That’s one of the many questions fans have been asking along with the Orange Is the New Black release time. Since the trailer’s YouTube release, the Orange Is the New Black countdown has been making fans anxious about the return of the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary and what new drama they will have in store for them.

Piper Chapman and her fellow inmates haven’t been on our screens for a year now, but fans can argue that it felt much longer. In fact, it felt so long that many have to binge the last season to refresh their memories. One thing is for sure is that the Orange Is the New Black cast is back and with new prisoners entering Litchfield, so only time will tell what will happen next.

The Orange Is the New Black season 4 air time is right now! Netflix didn’t have an Orange Is the New Black season 4 early release like in the past, but the show has been ready for streaming since 3:00 a.m. EST. Chances are, people are missing work or stayed up late last night to start watching early in the morning. Orange Is the New Black season 4 is ready for fans to watch all 13 episodes of drama and, of course, comedy to help balance the scale.

Fans can watch their favorite and no-so-favorite characters on Netflix at their earliest convenience. If you’re stuck at work (which you need in order to pay for Internet), then you can rush home and either binge-watch the show, spread the episodes throughout the week, or ration them however else you’d like. Most fans are prone to watching the show all at once, which has its ups and downs, but the goodness that is Orange Is the New Black is worth the sleep deprivation.

Fans are doing their best to avoid all contact with spoilers online and with good reason. One can only imagine what those 13 episodes will offer today. Based on the trailer and photos of the show, it looks like Chapman—who was once a weak and scared inmate—is now a seasoned and hardened kingpin. And by the looks of things, she may be way over her head with her employees.

Catch all 13 episodes of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix today!

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