As Paul McCartney continues his “Out There” tour, which he began in May of 2013, he’s kept up his streak of surprising fans and making the concert the best night of their lives. He has been to Japan, Brazil, Europe, Britain, and Canada and even toured America twice in the past two years.

In his latest Instagram update, the 73-year-old displayed his love and affection for his fans. On October 21, during the Detroit leg of his tour, he brought up one young fan to the stage, probably making her whole year! McCartney shared a photo of the lucky fan, onstage with him. She held a poster that read, “Today is my 17 B-day. It doesn’t get any better than this!!! [sic]” He captioned the image, “She was just 17, today!” with the hashtag, “OutThere,” which he has been using ever since he began this tour.

While the ex-Beatles bassist may have given this one fan all the happiness in the world with such a simple act, his other fans are still desperate to meet him. One follower left a comment on the photo saying, “I hate seeing pictures like this.” But another true fan provided a reality check, stating, “Realize that Paul can’t possibly call all his fans onstage. He has too many.”


Other incredibly fortunate people that night were a newly married couple, and McCartney wrote a hilarious caption for them: “Congrats ‘Just Married, Sign My Wife,’ I did!”

Paul McCartney, Instagram Post, October 21, 2015

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