If Hillary Clinton manages to actually win the presidential election next year, she’d become the first ever female president of the United States. It would be quite a monumental feat, which is why she’s leveraging this angle in a new campaign strategy.

Clinton shared a video on her Facebook page that shows young girls reading their letters to the presidential candidate about what it means to them to have a female leading the country. Originally posted on YouTube and then shared on Clinton’s web site and social media channels, the video has already racked up more than 10,000 views.

It’s sweet, because the children all talk about how inspired they are by Clinton and how convinced they are that she’ll be able to address all of the changes they want to see, like to “save the Earth,” “Fight for world peace,” and put “an end to the killing by guns”—talk about tugging at heartstrings.


However, like several other of Clinton’s campaign strategies, the video has been getting lots of mixed reviews. While her loyal supporters voiced their praise for the candidate, others called her out on using innocent children to promote a campaign that’s riddled with dishonesty. “You are a terrible role model, Mrs. Clinton, and little girls should never aspire to be a lying political nightmare such as yourself,” commented one person. Meanwhile, another follower warned readers not to buy into the hype and vote for Clinton just because she’s a woman, writing, “Actually do some research and see who the best candidate is.”

Keep in mind that Clinton isn’t the only woman vying to become the first female president—Carly Fiorina’s running for that top spot, too. However, they both represent different parties—Clinton is Democratic while Fiorina is Republican—and therefore have very different views on major issues, like expanding the military and expanding ObamaCare.

Although Fiorina hasn’t really used the first-female-president angle much in her campaign, she did describe herself during a recent GOP debate as “Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare,” adding, “In your heart of hearts, you cannot wait to see a debate between Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina.” She’s probably right on the mark about that.

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